Mysterious Utah Orb UFOs Streaked Across Sky Like a 'School Of Fish' [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

A witness in Ogden, in Weber County, Utah, recently reported sighting and filming several mysterious orb UFOs moving across the sky together like a "school of fish or birds."

According to the testimony filed as Case 56393 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the witness saw the strange sight at about 9 p.m. on May 15, 2014, as he watched the Moon in his garden.

According to Open Minds-TV's Roger Marsh, the witness filed a report with MUFON on May 18, 2014, after he was unable to identify the mysterious "school of fish UFOs" he filmed in the sky over his home.

MUFON is an organization that documents and investigates reports of UFO sightings.

The video below, uploaded by MUFON to YouTube on December 22, 2015, shows the "school of fish UFOs" hovering in the sky over Ogden for several minutes on May 15, 2014.

"Night birds, insects mostly. The School Of Fish UFOs are only helium balloons tied on a string. Hoax or Tease."

He was in the company of his girlfriend outside his home observing the Moon when they both noticed the strange objects flying across the sky in a complex formation. The UFOs flew below the cloud cover with great speed, according to the witness.

"The witness is an incredibly bright young man. He is a skilled photographer and videographer and obtained a BS in film," Lukes reported. "He and his girlfriend started noticing these strange objects when they were outside observing the moon. The objects in question were below the cloud cover and moved with such speed that he could not explain what the objects were in conventional terms."

The witness was so shocked by the sighting that immediately after the UFOs disappeared from sight, he began calling nearby military bases to inquire whether there had been test flights of drones or other unfamiliar aircraft, but he obtained no information that could explain the strange sighting.

But the military authorities would have refused to give information if there had been secret tests of military drones or aircraft.

However, the witness was convinced that the UFOs were not military drones or other types of familiar man-made aircraft. He noted that the UFOs moved across the sky faster than any man-made flying machine he had ever seen.

"His initial reaction was that these were military drones, but he now feels the movements were too quick. I will classify this unknown."

The sighting occurred as the volcano erupted for the first time in four decades forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents.

[Image via George Stock/Wikimedia/Public Domain]