Chocolate Covered Cherry Day: Recipes And Ways To Celebrate Cordial Cherries [Videos, Photos]

It’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, and there may be no better way to celebrate than by indulging in these delectable treats. While chocolate covered cherries are known as a holiday sweet, they are also popular year round. Some chocolate covered cherries may consist of a liquid center made of cherry syrup while others may contain liqueur. Chocolate covered cherries can be simple and fun, or sophisticated and elegant. However they are served, one thing is certain: chocolate covered cherries are delicious.

Sometimes chocolate covered cherries are referred to as cordial cherries. According to, a cordial chocolate is one that has liquid in the core.

“The word ‘cordial’ contains the word ‘cor,’ which means ‘heart’ in Latin. As a noun, cordial can mean medicine or medicinal food or drink and the cordial was originally used as a type of medical tonic. Cordials were believed to stimulate the heart and therefore improve circulation.”

The chocolate covered cordial grew in popularity and by the late 19th century had become a popular confectioner’s treat in America.

According to Tootsie, Cella’s chocolate covered cherries have been a popular treat since 1864.

“Since 1864, Cella’s has been producing premium chocolate-covered cherries whose eating experience is truly indulgent: The plump cherry offers a classic ‘snap’ when biting into it, and is accompanied by a 100% liquid center (the only brand offering such a feature!). A truly unique eating experience.”

Best time of year during the holidays, I love eating Cella’s chocolate covered cherries. One of my favorites????.

— Megan (@megkylie89) December 20, 2013

Those who want to celebrate Chocolate Covered Cherry Day can either purchase the treat from their preferred retailer or make their own. There are many chocolate covered cherry recipes available to select from and they aren’t very difficult for even the newbie to master.

This recipe from Rebecca Brand doesn’t involve creating a chocolate shell and then filling it with a cherry liqueur or syrup. With this video tutorial, all you need are some maraschino cherries with the stem, milk chocolate and white chocolate candies for melting, and then simply dip the cherries in the milk chocolate. Set the cherries on wax paper and decorate them by drizzling the white chocolate over them.

Here is a video tutorial on how to make and decorate your own chocolate-dipped cherries. One of the nice things about this recipe is that you can easily make these candies and give them as gifts.

The Food Network took a look inside the Sanders factory to show how they make their chocolate covered cherries.

Here are some more recipes for various chocolate covered cherries perfect for Chocolate Covered Cherry Day.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is a great time to reflect on the history and delicious taste of this sweet, gooey treat. With Valentine’s Day in Feb. there may be no better time than to learn how to make chocolate covered cherries, as you’ll have plenty of time to give some away come Valentine’s Day. These treats are just as popular for Valentine’s Day as they are at Christmas. With many fans of the sweet pop that goes off in your mouth when you bite into the gooey center, there are many people who enjoy chocolate covered cherries any time of year.

Do you like chocolate covered cherries? Are you going to make your own or buy some for Chocolate Covered Cherry Day?