‘Oregon Under Attack’ Hypocrisy: White Men With Guns Called ‘Peaceful’ Compared To Black ‘Thug’ Protesters In Ferguson

The hashtag called #OregonUnderAttack has swelled to 140,000 tweets, with folks on Twitter pointing out the hypocrisy of the words being used to describe the white Oregon protesters in comparison to the words and actions lobbed against black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. The “Oregon Under Attack” label is being reported by Twitter as their top trending hashtag as of this writing.

As reported by CNN, the leader of the armed group that took over a federal building in Oregon claimed that they’d occupy the federal wildlife refuge in Oregon has long as needed to make their point heard — even if their specific demands are not clear. The building is being occupied because 40-year-old Ammon Bundy is protesting Oregon officials, whom Bundy claimed punished ranchers who won’t put their land up for sale. Ammon is the son of Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who made the news in 2015 for his anti-government actions.

The photo above from the Iron County Sheriff’s office shows Cliven’s son, Ryan Bundy, after spending a night in a Utah county jail. Ryan was accused of resisting arrest. The “Oregon under attack” group has taken over a portion of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, having moved there after a protest over Dwight and Steven Hammond.

Dwight and Steven are a father and son duo of ranches who’ve been previously convicted of arson.

Ammon, meanwhile, wouldn’t list specific demands when speaking to CNN, but spoke of the federal government controlling the land that “belongs to the people.”

“This refuge — it has been destructive to the people of the county and to the people of the area. People need to be aware that we’ve become a system where government is actually claiming and using and defending people’s rights, and they are doing that against the people.”

The fact that these men have been allowed to take over a federal building virtually unscathed is being compared to the actions taken against groups such as “Black Lives Matter,” or the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

As such, folks on Twitter are pointing to all sorts of laws that are being broken, such as U.S. Code 930, which spoke of the possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facilities as an act that can bring fines and imprisonment.

The contained and limited response to the federal building takeover has people comparing the “militia” groups light-handed treatment to the treatment of African Americans who’ve protested in an unarmed manner in other situations.

The lack of news coverage is also coming into play in the Oregon attack. As such, the hashtag #oregonunderattack on the news is surging, along with hashtags like #oregonunderattack national guard. Some people tweeting about the situation in Oregon are simply wondering what prompted the government building takeover, which leads to the #oregonunderattack what happened Twitter label.

[Image via Twitter/OregonUnderAttack]

Still others are pointing out the race of the militants who have taken over the Oregon building by searching for #oregonunderattack white people on Twitter, while some are wondering if Muslim extremists were involved — or are comparing the lack of a police response to the Oregon protesters by searching for the #oregonunderattack muslims hashtag on Twitter.

The lack of news coverage — besides CNN, apparently — is being noted quite a bit on social media. Twitter users are also pointing out the fact that a young boy like Tamir Rice can be immediately gunned down in Cleveland whilst the Oregon protesters are allowed to take over the government building unfettered.


Under the news tab about Oregon on Twitter, quite a few publications are beginning to report on the response to Oregon being placed under attack.

[Photo by AP Photo/Iron County Sheriffs Office]