Eleanor Calder Speaks! Louis Tomlinson Ex Praises New One Direction Girlfriends Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner

Eleanor Calder, the pretty brunette who dated Louis Tomlinson for four years before a sudden split that saw the One Direction hunk rebounding heartily from lover to lover and even impregnating one fling, as reported by Hollywood Life, has finally given an interview confirming that she has kept busy “in a good way” since her split with Louis Tomlinson.

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Eleanor and business partner Max Hurd, who run the style blog The Trend Pear together, spoke to the Idle Man about their rollercoaster year and their thoughts about fashion directions for 2016.

The duo put a positive spin on the year, calling it “great” and explaining that their business has been growing and lots of exciting experiences and plans have kept Eleanor and Max happy.

“Our year so far has been great! Since launching our blog in July we have been very busy for all the right reasons. Since then it’s been pretty non-stop but have been loving it!”

Asked about “what songs they have on their playlist,” the Trend Pearers revealed that they are loving Justin Bieber’s new album. This is a mirror image of the shade Selena Gomez gave when she cited One Direction’s Made In The A.M. as her preference over ex Bieber’s Purpose album, as reported by Sugarscape.

“We are currently obsessed with The Weekend’s new album, especially Prisoner ft. Lana Del Ray. Justin Bieber’s new album has definitely converted us into Beliebers!”

The two also revealed that they have exciting new projects in the works. It seems the Trend Pear’s world is getting busier as the One Direction frenzy winds down.

“We are currently working on some secret exciting projects which will be revealed in the New Year. We are also both excited to ring in the new year from Max’s house in France where the dress code is James Bond inspired, and so we are looking forward to bringing some of the most famous and iconic looks back for the night!”

In a post on their blog, Eleanor and Max even give a shout-out of sorts to new One Direction girlfriends Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who were part of the Balmain supermodel army hired to promote the Balmain x H&M chain store fashion line.

A shot showing Gigi and Kendall in the subway advertisement used for the Balmain x H&M campaign is featured, along with the following thoughts.

“This year has really seen the Parisian brand go from strength to strength. Olivier Rousteig proved himself to be a real 21st century designer, dominating the all important social media platforms as well as creating smash collection after smash collection. The brands collaboration with H&M was a huge commercial success as well as an incredibly marketing ploy, introducing the design house to a whole new Jenner/Kardashian audience.”

It is big of Eleanor to include the snap of the partners of Zayn Malik and Harry Styles, who are now wrapped up in the One Direction whirlwind the way Eleanor herself once was, and to add that positive commentary. Balmain placed at ten on fashion-watcher Eleanor’s list, though, so it barely made the cut, and is there just a hint of a shade in the elegant brunette’s suggestion that “chain store” branding will appeal to a Kardashian/Jenner audience? Is she calling Kardashian fans, and perhaps Kendall herself, “basic” (to use a Kardashian term)?

Hopefully, this is not the case — Eleanor has no reason to dislike either girl, and it’s not as if Louis Tomlinson new girl Danielle Campbell appeared in the Balmain ads.

The beautiful London model seems to have well and truly moved on and looks more gorgeous than ever. Eleanor should look out though: OK! Magazine is dropping unsubtle hints that they would love to score an interview with the brunette, and you can bet that if Eleanor were to speak to reporters at that publication, there would be no beating around the bush on the issue of One Direction and Eleanor’s hunky ex, Louis Tomlinson.

Was 2015 a crazy year for One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, and everyone involved?

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