Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Spotted Passionately Kissing -- Will They Meet Up With Harry And Kendall?

Sandra Hajda

It seems Justin Bieber's relationship with long-time friend Hailey Baldwin may be heating up. The Mirror is reporting that the blonde pair were spotted "passionately kissing" as they continue to holiday in the Caribbean.

Hollywood Life reports that the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin has admitted to feelings of "deep lust" for the hard-bodied Canadian, and that Hailey hopes to be the girl that will convince Justin to "settle down."

A leggy photograph of the tanned model, who is famous for her long stems, appeared on Justin's Instagram today, with the caption "werk." Hailey looks flushed in the Carribean warmth, and a single speck of light on her cheek makes for a sweet natural highlight.

Justin-watchers have speculated that the two may have met up with Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, and their families while the latter group celebrate on a yacht that is currently circling around St Barths, as reported by Hollywood Life.

Ellen Degeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, have even joined Kendall and Harry on their yacht adventure, raising questions about whether the celebrity group could be there doing some kind of mutual business over New Years.

It is worth noting that Justin Bieber seems to get along well with Ellen, and even appeared on her show for an entire week, dubbed "Bieber Week," in 2015. It seems reasonable to assume that the motley six-piece celebrity group probably crossed paths at some point.

Could Harry Styles and actress Portia de Rossi be starring in a film together as Harry begins the break from One Direction commitments? Could Ellen have a secret crush on Kendall, and wish to rope her in for a ratings-smashing "Supermodel Month"? Does doe-eyed ex-Ally McBeal star Portia privately think Kris Jenner is cute? Or Harry's mom? Is Justin having secret talks with Harry Styles about collaborating on a song and releasing a video that will flash so much pec, ab, and bicep the Bieber and Directioner fandoms will fuse into one giant super-fanbase, like massive companies merging and pooling their financial resources?

It is really anyone's guess. But one thing's for sure -- all eyes are on that yacht as Harry and Kendall continue to pack on the PDA in a manner that some have declared "extra."

Will Hailey and Justin be joining them?

[Image via Instagram]