Madonna’s Son, Rocco, May Be Tired Of Being Embarrassed By His Mother, Choosing To Live With Father Guy Ritchie

Madonna has always been known as flamboyant and riding on the edge, but apparently it might be just this behavior that drove her son Rocco to flee to England to live with his father. The Sydney Morning Herald reveals that there has been speculation that Madonna has repeatedly humiliated Rocco by posting embarrassing photos of him with inappropriate captions.

One such photo shows Rocco in pony tails.

Another shows him in boxers with the hashtag #nosausage in the caption.

Surely, Madonna must know these would be embarrassing for any teen! Keep in mind she has 5.5 million followers, so there are a lot of people seeing these photos of Rocco.

TMZ reports that Rocco has spoken out, saying that he was miserable going around the world with Madonna on her Rebel Heart Tour. A source told TMZ that Madonna and Rocco would engage in terrible fights.

“There were horrible, full-blown fights with screaming and crying.”

The source said Rocco just couldn’t take it anymore and he didn’t want any more of the traveling. Apparently, Rocco also told his father, Guy Ritchie, that Madonna treated him more like a trophy than a son.

Madonna should understand embarrassment, although perhaps her threshold for it is higher than that of a 15-year-old boy. Movie News Guide reports that recently some very old nude photos of Madonna have surfaced.

Apparently, prior to becoming famous, Madonna took odd jobs, including being a nude model for photographer Martin H. M. Schreiber in 1979, when she was a mere 20-years-old.

The photos were published in the May, 2015, issue of Playboy, and also in an art exhibition in Paris that was on display December 8.

Madonna is trying to get some stress relief this holiday season, especially with all the custody issues going on in her life right now. The Daily Mail reports that on Monday, the star treated herself to a cupping and acupuncture session. She posted a photo of the treatment on Instagram, and it certainly looks interesting and perhaps a bit painful.

She captioned the photo with reference to her famous song and the marks the treatment leaves on the skin.

“Take Me with all of my beautiful scars#i love you the way that you are……………❤#rebelheart.”

Justice Kaplan, who is handling the custody case, has said Rocco needs to go to the U.S. and see his mother, even if he wants to live with his father. The current custody agreement has Rocco and adopted brother, David Banda, living with Madonna. Lawyers for both Ritchie and Madonna have not commented on the situation.

Meanwhile, with the custody battle in full swing, Madonna is still taking care of her other responsibilities. Nyasa Times reports that Madonna has donated $1 million to her charity, Raising Malawi. Madonna co-founded the organization after she adopted her son, David, in 2006. The money is to help improve the public image of the organization since it has been linked with the cult Kabbalah Center for a number of years.

Regardless of what is going on in her life, fans will always love Madonna. She has made an impression that has lasted since her “Material Girl” days, and nothing can change that. Not even a custody battle. According to the Miami Herald, even the drag stars of Lips will pay tribute to her in January as they launch their 28th annual AIDS Walk Miami. One can only hope that Madonna and Ritchie will do what’s best for their son as they duke it out in court. In the meantime, fans wish Madonna luck and a Happy New Year.

[Photo by yakub88/Shutterstock]