Jennifer Lawrence Identifies With ‘Joy’ Character Inventing Miracle Mop, But Says She Hasn’t Mopped Her Own Floor In Years

Jennifer Lawrence is going to vote for her rival in the Golden Globes nomination in the Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy category – Amy Schumer, according to People magazine.

In an interview, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that until the nominations for the Golden Globes came out, the Hunger Games actress had never thought she’d compete against Amy Schumer in the same category.

“That was so amazing because obviously I only pay attention to myself, so I was like oh I got nominated, and then when she texted and said something about the same category I was like – are you, what, like – huh?”

Both Jennifer Lawrence, 25, and Amy Schumer, 34, are nominated in the Golden Globes category for the Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. The former is nominated for Joy, in which she plays Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano, and the latter – for Trainwreck.

Jennifer Lawrence, who has been nominated for Golden Globes four times and took home two of them, revealed in an interview with New York’s Z100 radio station that she’d prefer Schumer to win in this category.

“I genuinely don’t want it – I would love to see her sweet a** up on that stage.”

Apparently, the Hunger Games franchise finances Jennifer Lawrence‘s housekeeping, according to New York Daily News.

Jennifer Lawrence revealed in an interview with Confidenti@l that she hasn’t mopped floors in her own apartment ever since the first part of The Hunger Games premiered back in 2012. Portraying Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano in Joy, the Hunger Games star considers her character to be a “daring, inspiring woman,” but reveals that she is not using her wonderful invention.

“Oh, probably (haven’t mopped my floors) since the first Hunger Games came out.”

Despite the fact that Jennifer Lawrence lacks the passion for mopping floors, she was still able to find connection with her character’s drive, and fought the same way to become an actress.

“I think (I connected) with the fight and the struggle and the fire. I remember that feeling of knowing, you know saying, ‘I want to be an actor!’ — and everyone saying, ‘OK!’ I have an invention, an idea but knowing, knowing that I could do it and knowing that I wasn’t going to stop and having that fight.”

In other news, you’ve probably seen Adele’s ugly cry during her Live In New York City performance in November, 2015. In her interview with New York’s Z100 radio station, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she was among the audience at the concert at Radio City Music Hall on November 17, and that she thinks of Adele’s voice like brussels sprouts, according to MTV. Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she was about to cry when she heard Adele’s voice at the concert.

“Adele is the most universally accepted as the best. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life. I was at a restaurant and I was like, ‘These brussels sprouts taste as good as Adele sings!’ and [the waiter] was like ‘Well thank you.’ Oh my God, she’s unbelievable.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, during her recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she fears the information about our planet could go up into space and it could get into the wrong hands.

“Based on history, when we find each other, we kill each other! I don’t feel like aliens are going to be like, ‘Oh, great, let’s get along!'”

Then the Hunger Games star asked if Colbert had seen a Tom Cruise movie, and the host launched a Big Questions segment, in which he asked Jennifer Lawrence what she thinks happens after we die. The 25-year-old answered that she thinks “they give your hospital bed to someone else.”

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