This Is What Happens When You Challenge Chad Johnson To ‘FIFA 16’

Former NFL all star, Chad Johnson, also know by his other last last name “Ochocinco,” has been busy since his departure from professional football. But out of all of his post-athletic career endeavors, he might just be the most serious about his title as “#FIFA16King” in FIFA 16. He even says so in his Twitter handle description,

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/Black Ops 3. Solving world problems with love for all women. Richly unemployed.

In fact he’s so adamant about asserting his dominance in the digital soccer game, that he’ll challenge anyone–no matter where they are. This was the case for one Twitter user whom casually called out the former six-time pro bowl wide receiver to have the event documented on Twitter Moments.

This Tweet was sent out by Twitter user Rodney@DATBO1WOODY who cordially invited Johnson to a friendly game of FIFA 16 at his Miami home. Perhaps, not even he did not expect for Johnson to actually show up for an all out FIFA series, but after giving his address and location–it actually happened.

Johnson, with little hesitation, accepts and hops aboard a plane from the Bahamas to Miami just to take Rodney up on his unsolicited challenge. Then the trash talking immediately ensued,

Chad was well known for his exorbitant celebrations and disposition on the field while he played. It’s good to see that his over-the-top antics are still a huge part of his personality as he updates his itinerary via Twitter.

After announcing his arrival, Johnson gives a live FIFA 16 play-by-play for his followers. Which didn’t seem to be going too well for Rodney.

Johnson literally left everything behind just to teach Rodney a lesson. And according to him, it was well worth it. When it was all said and done, Johnson had edged Rodney by a staggering 9-1 in the FIFA series. Rodney did not stand a chance as Ochocinco sacrificed his time and belongings to teach him a lesson.

Even most former NFL athletes would not take the time out of their day to play you in a game of FIFA 16. But if you put Chad Johnson to the task, @ochocinco, then you better have your A game and some extra snacks ready when he comes knocking on your door.

[Image via Twitter Moments]