WWE Rumors, Spoilers: ‘Raw’ Preview Teases Two Title Matches, ‘Royal Rumble’ Build, Return Of Brock Lesnar?

The first Monday Night Raw of the year already has a lot of rumors and spoilers swirling about it right now, and it could be even bigger than anyone thinks. A WWE Title match will take place with a special guest referee and a United States Title match may also happen, but will the “Beast Incarnate” return as the Royal Rumble build really picks up?

It was back in November that Brock Lesnar was officially added to the Monday Night Raw next week in New Orleans, according to Wrestling Inc. It doesn’t look like he will be back this week, but anything is possible.

The Five-Point Preview for Monday Night Raw was released by WWE.com, and goes through all the big things that will definitely happen on the first big show of the year.

“No Chance in Hell” for Reigns

Roman Reigns has done his best to get under the skin of The Authority, and even almost put some of them in the hospital. Now, he’s at the mercy of Vince McMahon who will be the special guest referee for his WWE Title defense against Sheamus on Monday night.

It won’t be easy for the new champion to get out with his title, or even alive, but he will have to try. Could a surprise friend or “family” member show up to help?

Does another U.S. Title opportunity await Cena?

John Cena officially made his WWE return on last week’s Monday Night Raw after a two-month absence from the ring — and the company. He took on Alberto Del Rio to try and recapture the United States Title he lost to the former world champion back at the end of October.

Image via WWE

The League of Nations were going to have nothing to do with that though and weren’t about to let it happen. The night ended with them attacking Cena and keeping the title around Del Rio’s waist, but will this week’s Raw continue the feud and bring another title opportunity?

One has to wonder if WWE will give TV build to the angle they ran after Monday Night Raw went off the air last week.

Royal Rumblings

The build-up for the big rumble match began last week when a bunch of superstars got in the ring and claimed that 2016 would be their year. Big Show joined them and announced he was going to be the first superstar to throw his name into the match this year, and there are likely to be other entrants announced soon too.

Image via WWE

At the same time, Bray Wyatt recently revealed that The Wyatt Family was going to do some big things at the 2016 Royal Rumble. He said the family was going to “take everything” and down the machine, but not much more explanation was given.

From Cutesville to Splitsville

It almost seems as if WWE doesn’t really have much going on if this is something featured in the Raw preview. Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae unceremoniously split up on SmackDown, and it was just announced by Breeze saying it after defeating Goldust.

She wasn’t stolen from him. She didn’t cheat on him. He didn’t cheat on her. No feud was started over this split. The duo was just split up. Maybe something bigger is coming on Monday, but other than that, it’s not much to talk about.

No respect for The New Day?

The New Day are the WWE Tag Team champions, but they certainly don’t have a lot of friends other than the unicorns. The Lucha Dragons were on their way to getting another big title shot, but then rumors started swirling that Kalisto and Sin Cara were injured so that’s done for now, at least.

There is a very good chance that the Dudley Boyz may want to take another shot at getting those WWE Tag Titles, and they don’t care what they have to do to get them.

The first Monday Night Raw will likely not see Brock Lesnar back, but it is only one short week until he officially returns. The Royal Rumble is certainly going to pick up, and the WWE Title Match with Vince McMahon as the special guest referee is certainly going to be interesting.

[Image via WWE]