Glowing UFO Captured On Video Above Mexico's Volcano Popocatepetl During Christmas Sparks Online Debate [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

Footage captured during the Christian period shows a strange glowing light hovering above Mexico's famous volcano Popocatepetl. The footage sparked a furious debate in the online UFO community after skeptics challenged enthusiasts who declared that the light, which moved erratically in the sky above the volcano, was an alien UFO and that frequent sightings of UFOs in the vicinity of Popocatepetl prove that extraterrestrial beings are monitoring Earth.

A furious debate was sparked after some skeptics dismissed the suggestion that the light was a glowing alien UFO, and suggested instead that it was a flare caused by smoldering material ejected from inside the volcano or some other related atmospheric activity around the volcano.

The footage, which went viral online during Christmas, shows a light moving in an erratic pattern over the volcano in Mexico. The light suggested an alien UFO visitation to enthusiasts who noted it was not the first time that a UFO phenomenon in the form of a glowing rod or orb has been seen hovering over Popocatepetl.

In May, 2013, footage emerged online showing a UFO approaching Popocatepetl. When the UFO came close to the volcano, it slowed down and appeared to take a sharp turn, and as if under intelligent direction, it flew straight into the hot volcano crater.

Some UFO hunters have suggested that there is a large alien base located several kilometers under Popocatepetl. UFO enthusiasts believe that aliens often locate UFO bases deep inside volcanoes because they are inaccessible to humans.

According to UFOlogists, there is evidence from ancient Aztec folklore, legends and myths that alien UFOs have been visiting Popocatepetl and other volcanoes for hundreds of years. Several other volcanoes around the world are believed to have alien UFO bases located inside them.

"The UFO is very similar to other past videos of a glowing object actually entering the mouth of the volcano," the UFO and alien hunter wrote. "I've been looking at this live cam over the last three years and have caught dozens of UFOs around this volcano. The UFO activity and the Aztec stories about the gods of Popocatepetl, both indicate that there is an alien base 5km below the volcano."

But skeptics have often tried to explain away the sightings as material ejected from inside the volcano. Some have even suggested meteorites.

But following the latest sighting, tempers flared after skeptics pointed to the erratic flight pattern of the alleged alien UFO, suggesting it was evidence the light was only a flare. The exchange became so heated that the user who uploaded the video to YouTube was forced to deactivate the comments section.

Popocatepetl is an active volcano straddling the Mexican states of Puebla, Mexico, and Morelos in Central Mexico. The volcano, located 70 km southeast of Mexico City, is the second highest peak on Mexico at a height of 5,426 m (17,802 ft).

[Image via Alejandro Linares Garcia/Wikimedia Commons]