Bernie Sanders Raises Jaw-Dropping Sum For Campaign In Last Quarter Of 2015

Back in May, when Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was a long-shot unknown in the primaries, he had one message for those who naysayed his bid for the presidency: Don’t underestimate him.

“I fully concede that I get into this race as a major underdog. No question about it. I mean, Hillary Clinton is known by 95 percent of the American people. And clearly, in terms of money, I will be very, very, very heavily outspent,” the Independent senator from Vermont said in an interview early in his candidacy, before uttering what may have been very prophetic words.

“Don’t underestimate me. We’re going to do better than people think. And I think we got a shot to win this thing.”

And although poll numbers still show Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton leading in almost every poll, Sanders and his campaign managed to raise a jaw-dropping $33 million-plus during the last three months of 2015. And that haul, without the added boost of millions from super PACs, of which Sanders firmly refuses to use, puts him within $4 million of the $37 million raised by Clinton during the same period.

This brings the Sanders campaign to nearly a total of $73 million raised in his bid for the White House, according to campaign officials. And, perhaps even more significantly, there were more than 1 million separate donors who made more than 2.5 million contribution to Sanders. These figures surpass President Obama’s previous record for individual contributions. At this point in Obama’s campaign, he had collected 2.2 million contributions.