Smurf The Kitten Used As ‘Chew Toy’ And Dyed Purple, Rescued In Redwood City, CA

In more evidence that there are true monsters in humanity, a little kitten has been found in a box on the streets of Redwood City, California, suffering from multiple bite wounds all over his body, a body that had also been dyed purple.

Fortunately the injured, dyed-purple kitten, since dubbed “Smurf” by his rescuers and caretakers, seems to have been found in time and is now recovering from what authorities believe to be bite wounds alleged to be inflicted by a “larger animal.”

Currently, Smurf, the kitten, is convalescing with the Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City. Their Facebook page noted that they’re a veterinarian and animal shelter, but also an animal outreach that seeks homes and adoptions for the many orphaned and/or abused animals, such as Smurf, the kitten, that are in their care.

While Smurf, the kitten, and his being dyed purple, has brought much attention to their animal outreach efforts, and brought many people to visit, the Nine Lives Foundation also noted that Smurf,the abused kitten, unfortunately, isn’t the only kitten of his kind.

“SMURF sends his thanks to everyone who visited/donated canned food & Gerber Turkey Baby food today! What a great way to welcome in the New Year! More than 50 cat lovers/SMURF fans came to Nine Lives today to meet SMURF & the other 400 cats living here! Although SMURF isn’t available for adoption, so many other beautiful cats & kittens with their own stories are!”

Redwood City is in the South (San Francisco) Bay area of California, so if you’re passing through and looking for a kitten or cat, or know someone else that needs a kitten, Nine Lives notes that they’re open seven days a week at 11 a.m., and would love to have you visit their “no-kill shelter.”

Smurf, the kitten, is attracting so much attention that Nine Lives has even had to list his visiting hours, saying Smurf “will be at Nine Lives again tomorrow for visitors from 11am until 6pm. Visit our website for more info about us & how you can help us help the cats!”

A petition has also been started that asks law enforcement to track down and prosecute whoever is responsible for Smurf being allegedly used as a chew toy and dyed purple.

“A heartless animal abuser dyed a seven-week-old kitten purple and used the 1.75 pound defenseless creature as a chew toy for a dog or other large animal. On Monday, the Nine Lives Foundation, located in Redwood City, California, worked closely with San Jose Animal Care and Control after having been notified about a frightened, purple kitten suffering multiple bite wounds and deep lacerations… Demand justice for Smurf by signing the petition and persuade the authorities to find his owner and have him severely punished for using the innocent kitten as a chew toy for a larger animal.”

Smurf the kitten, Redwood city
Smurf the kitten is reportedly making friends in the shelter where he is recovering from being dyed purple and used as 'chew toy.'

While Smurf has received much support, CNN reports that the veterinarian caring for Smurf actually fears that the kitten’s being dyed purple and allegedly used as a dog’s “chew toy” might actually encourage other sick and twisted minds to do the same.

Just the fact that Smurf, the kitten, is dyed purple is also a lone concern, otherwise thoughtful pet owners perhaps mistake that dying their kitten, cat, dog or rabbit might also be a delightful and fun idea.

“We want to make sure people don’t want (Smurf the kitten) just because he’s purple,” she said. “We don’t want to encourage other people to do the same thing.”

Smurf the kitten is around seven-weeks-old and was under two pounds when dropped off at the shelter after being found in a box with some rags and lemon slices.

The kitten’s body was riddled with “puncture wounds” believed to be bite marks from a dog, according to a Nine Lives veterinarian.

The veterinarian also said that it looked like Smurf was dyed purple before the bite wounds occurred, “suggesting he was used as a plaything.”

“He wasn’t beaten or strangled — these are repetitive bites all over his body,” said the veterinarian. “I can’t imagine how else he would come to have so many puncture wounds.”

All the attention garnered on Smurf, the kitten, is welcome, particularly since it also brings attention to other homeless and abused animals.

“It’s become a craze,” said the veterinarian. “I appreciate the exposure but I hope the message is long-lasting that animal cruelty is real and this is just one guy who’s experienced it. There are plenty of other kittens who need to be saved.”

As he continues recovering, Smurf, the kitten, has reportedly made many friends in the shelter while also receiving antibiotics as he is prepared for surgery to repair a particularly nasty wound on his right leg.

[Images and video via Facebook and Youtube]