‘I Had My Cousin’s Baby’ MTV ‘True Life’ Show Gains Incest Buzz And Backlash [Video]

There’s a new MTV show that’s going viral, as witnessed by the views of the following YouTube video sneak peek of I Had My Cousin’s Baby. The video, titled “True Life | ‘I Had My Cousin’s Baby‘ Official Sneak Peek | MTV,” was uploaded to YouTube on December 28, and has received more than 140,000 views in that time. However, not all the buzz about I Had My Cousin’s Baby is positive. Some viewers believe MTV has taken it too far with this subject matter of their popular and long-running True Life series.

What happens when your one true love is also a member of your family?

As reported by the New York Post, this MTV True Life topic has focused on something pretty controversial by tackling the subject of incest. One of the couples in the I Had My Cousin’s Baby episode is told that she and her lover share the same grandmother — and as such, it’s hard for family members to see past that fact.

I Had My Cousin’s Baby premiered on Thursday at midnight, and focused on two women who are not only in love with their cousins, but they are having their cousin’s babies. One of those women is 20-year-old Alexis, who plans to marry Andrew, her cousin. Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, Alexis is towing the line as she tries to get the family to pitch in for Andrew’s bail money. Already mother to a 2-year-old child whose dad isn’t Andrew, Alexis is six-months pregnant with Andrew’s child.

Locked up for burglary, Andrew has a helper in Alexis as she tries to corral the family to raise money for Andrew’s bail. The fact that Andrew might have not been honest in his fidelity with Alexis is another strike against him. Andrew gets sentenced to six years in jail, and will not only miss his daughter being born, but will have to awkwardly remain in Alexis’ life as the father of her child and a family member.

Another woman featured in I Had My Cousin’s Baby is 23-year-old Grace — who is already the wife of 24-year-old Dylan, her cousin. The couple has 18-month-old and 3-year-old daughters, and unlike other cousins who may have been raised closely, Dylan and Grace didn’t know one another whilst growing up. That didn’t stop some of their family members from disowning them, like Grace’s brother. As a result of the backlash, they decided to move from Tennessee to Los Angeles.

MTV provided an update to their popular I Had My Cousin’s Baby episode to let viewers know how the lives of the women have turned out since the airing. The comments showing up on YouTube prove a variety of differing views about the MTV show.

“No family would approve of cousins dating. Especially putting bail money up for the dude.”

“People put bail money up for people accused of drug dealing, stealing and even murder, why would they not put it up just because dude is incestuous?”

“What the the literal f***.”

“This has been happening before your timelines as well as those of your forefathers time. It will continue to happen. Statistically through science there is only a 3.8% increase in birth defects increased to 6.8%. Smoking let alone bad habits not associated here can increase birth defects pass even that of a cousin birth.

“Most states allow it and have approved it separation to that of what you would deem incest. Bible doesn’t even disapprove as it’s not mentioned clearly about it’s disapproval although all other kinds of taboos within families are. Ex Presidents were cousin couples, people whom you perhaps look up to. There are BAD couples without being cousins, you can’t tell the heart what to do. To slander real love is to be a real hypocrite.”

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