WWE Rumors: Rock Vs Undertaker At ‘Wrestlemania 32’

WWE rumors are now saying that the Rock and Undertaker could be squaring off in what should be an instant classic at Wrestlemania 32, according to WWE.com.

Earlier in the week, Dwayne Johnson created quite the buzz when he informed the internet wrestling community through social media that he was going to be at Wrestlemania 32. There had been questions about his availability over the past couple of months because he was already scheduled to be filming a new Baywatch movie, which he is also producing.

To capitalize on the excitement from fans, World Wrestling Entertainment decided to tease the fans with potential scenarios for Dwayne Johnson through an article on their website. While they were all interesting scenarios, the one that stood out the most was a potential match between the Rock and Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32. The two are former rivals.

Since Vince McMahon is obsessed with breaking his Wrestlemania attendance record set in Detroit back in 1987, a match as big as this would surely help him get close to that goal.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Undertaker doesn’t have a whole lot of matches left in his body, so WWE wants to capitalize on him as much as possible, as there aren’t too many people that can draw like he can. However, a big problem for WWE is that there aren’t a lot of guys left that Undertaker can wrestle. They can only do so many rematches with Brock Lesnar, even if they’re always entertaining. While there are a lot of talented performers throughout the WWE roster, it requires a certain level of credibility and drawing power if you’re going to be booked against Undertaker.

Steve Austin would be a great example of someone that has enough requirements to be booked against Undertaker at Wrestlemania, the largest wrestling pay-per-view of the year. If Goldberg and World Wrestling Entertainment could ever sit down and come up with a number that works for both sides, he could easily be a fantastic opponent for Undertaker.

Batista and Dwayne Johnson, both of whom are now big stars in Hollywood, are guys that would bring mainstream media attention to WWE if they worked a Wrestlemania match.

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista [Photo by Michelle Tantussi/Getty Images]

Before Undertaker decides to finally hang up his wrestling boots and tights for the final time, WWE should seriously consider a program where he elevates one of the current performers. Bray Wyatt is an excellent candidate because his popularity with the fans is high enough. Plus, he needs that credibility so that fans will buy him as a WWE Heavyweight Champion. There’s already history between Bray Wyatt and Undertaker, as the two of them worked an entertaining match at Wrestlemania 31. Undertaker won that night. Wyatt should win next.

Roman Reigns is the current WWE Heavyweight Champion. A victory over Undertaker at a Wrestlemania would give him a ton of credibility with the fans because he beat a legend. World Wrestling Entertainment has long tried to figure out ways to get fans to stand behind the man that they have hand selected to be the face of the company after John Cena. Beating the Undertaker and getting the in-ring endorsement from the legend would be a great scene, and it might convince certain critics to give Roman Reigns more of a chance.

Another person that would make a good candidate as an opponent for Undertaker at Wrestlemania is Seth Rollins, who has been sidelined for the next several months with a torn ACL. Seth Rollins was already winning over the fans, even though he portrayed a cowardly heel champion. A victory over the Undertaker would give his character something to boast about.

All of that is for a later time. We first need to see Rock and Undertaker squaring off in one last battle.

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