Racism Captured At A Fracking Protest

MMC Land Management employee John Pisone took it upon himself to confront anti-fracking protesters at the fracking site in Mars, Pennsylvania, where he was working. His dismay towards the protesters turned into flat-out racism as he hurled harsh words towards the black photo journalist, Tom Jefferson.

Jefferson captured all of the racist landscaper’s words on a video that has now gone viral during the fracking protest.

Pisone insulted all of the protesters in general. According to him, they’re all wasting his tax money and are lazy.

“My mom taught me how to be a hard worker, and not be a lazy bum,” and “Have you actually done something with your life, have you had any kind of a job?” Such rhetoric as this was the basis of John’s tirade.

But Jefferson was particularly targeted due to his race during the fracking protest. Pisone singled him out calling him racist names like “ni**er” and “chimp” while making monkey noises at him. His series of epithets have now gone viral with over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Pisone making "howling" noises at Jefferson during protest [image via YouTube screengrab]

The reason for these protests in general are largely due to evidence supporting that fracking can be detrimental towards the condition of the environment and health. Certain acids, poisons, and detergents, can seep into local water and eco-systems from the residuals of drilling, according to the New York Times. BCaction.org notes that fracking has been known to cause cancer. And the Inquisitr reports that fracking may cause earthquakes as well.

Environmental protesters in Pittsburgh PA. [AP Photo/Keith Srakocic]

This has always been a hot-button issue everywhere fracking is practiced. The tension between anti- and pro-fracking has been tumultuous in effect. But this time things got racial for no apparent reason.

Jefferson kept his composure despite Pisone’s antagonism, nevertheless. Pisone even got physical with Jefferson at one point, by grabbing his camera during the protest.

After being exposed to his employer, MMC Land Management, Pisone has since been fired. MMC posted his termination on their currently removed Facebook page.

“Today, we were disgusted to learn that one of MMC’s former employees used racial slurs and made racially charged comments during a peaceful protest in Mars, Pennsylvania, outside of work hours at a location with which we have no affiliation. We are sorry that this incident occurred. Whether at work or not, we do not condone hate speech – EVER. Inclusion and diversity are among MMC’s core values. We believe in equality for everyone, regardless of race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. MMC has terminated this employee and will never do business with him again in the future.”

The company’s website is also down at the moment.

Pisone has also apologized on the fracking protest incident during an interview with Pittsburgh’s WPXI news.

“It was foolish of me, especially to go racial over the whole thing… This was stupid of me. I was angry.”

Pisone was also asked if he is a racist which responded, “not completely.”

Pisone, now unemployed, seeks refuge in his church and family, WPIX reports. Despite his apology, and his desire for solace from his mistake, he continues to face backlash for this racist tirade online.


Jefferson, on the other hand, continues to gain popularity for his peaceful stand against Pisone and racism. When asked about what he thought of Pisone’s words by the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, he gave a comment.

“I wasn’t surprised that he lost his job. What he did was so severe, it was bound to come back to haunt him. In a way, he’s a victim of what was shoved into him. The way he is, well, it’s not his fault.”

[Image courtesy of YouTube]