Will Ferrell Impersonates George W. Bush: Calls Donald Trump ‘Knucklehead With The Hair’ And ‘Big, Fat, Orange, Oompa Loompa Face’

Will Ferrell showed his true Christmas colors recently when he appeared on Billy On the Street. Cinema Blend reports that Ferrell teamed up with Billy in one of his Holiday-themed videos. They ran around the streets of New York in Christmas onesies and sort of, well, terrorized people, asking them numerous questions, including which was the better holiday movie, Elf or Scrooged.

The two clearly had fun.

Some people recognized Will Ferrell and some didn’t, but all of the people were put on the spot and it was hilarious.

But running around like a maniac through the streets of New York in a Christmas onesie is not all Will Ferrell has been up to these days. Rolling Stone reports that he recently appeared on Saturday Night Live for a cold open and climbed back into his comfortable impersonation of George W. Bush. During the skit, Ferrell’s Bush made the important decision to enter the presidential candidate race.

“This is an important day. I’ve made a big decision. I’m entering the race for President of the United States of America. The field of Republicans out there is so messed up I figured, it makes you miss me, doesn’t it? And that’s saying a lot.”

Will Ferrell roasted every Republican presidential candidate and he saved the best for last when he roasted Donald Trump.

“And then you got this knucklehead with the hair and the 100-foot wall. I tell you, every time I get in a bad mood, I just picture his big, fat, orange, Oompa Loompa face and I just p*ss my pants. And now he says he wants to keep all the Muslims out. Yeah, great idea, but impossible to implement and not what this country is about. Heck, that’s like saying ‘Let’s keep all the leprechauns out.'”

As for Jeb Bush, Will Ferrell’s Bush had a few words to say about him, as well.

“It’s a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one. He doesn’t stand a chance in this field. He’s an insider, he knows how to govern. The Republican voters don’t want that. They want someone who is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.”

The Daily Beast also reports on Will Ferrell as Bush and it turns out running the government is a lot like driving a school bus.

“Running a government is kind of like driving a school bus. You don’t want a crazy person driving that bus. You want a simple, underachieving, not very educated but reliable guy behind that wheel. Someone with a steady hand who will be on time and get into one or two but no more than four accidents a year. You already know that someone, and that someone is me. I’ll see you in the White House. And live from [New York], it’s Saturday night!”

What a great segue into the introduction to the show, Will Ferrell. Watch the clip here.

Will Ferrell was also busy attending the premiere of his new movie, Daddy’s Home on the weekend.

Daily Mail reports that he was out in fine style in New York on Sunday and his whole family came with him, including his wife of 15 years, Viveca Paulin, and two of his sons, Axel and Mattias, who rarely make public appearances.

In the movie, Will Ferrell plays a stepfather who is faced with the return of his stepchildren’s biological father. Also attending the premiere were Linda Cardellini, as Ferrell’s wife, and Mark Wahlberg, who plays the biological father who waltzes back into their lives and does a great job being a freeloader.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]