Chelsea Clinton And Ivanka Trump’s Friendship ‘On Hold’ Due To Parents Bitter Presidential Battle

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump have been long time friends. The pair seemingly connected as their life experiences were similar, both growing up in similar households, being in the spotlight from an early age and dealing with family scandals. Ivanka and Chelsea have tried to remain friends as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to attack one another as the 2016 presidential race heats up. However, the friendship is reportedly now “strained” due to the more personal attacks being tossed between the Trump and Clinton campaigns.

The Daily Mail reports that Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton’s friendship is “on hold” due to their parents bitter presidential battle. The women have remained close friends over the years and would frequently text one another and exchange baby gifts.

“Over time, they had developed a real relationship, a real friendship, and had a mutual respect for each other based on their upbringing, being in the spotlight, their parents, scandals, their history.”

In fact, before the presidential race heated up, Chelsea spoke with People Magazine noting that she was “grateful” for Ivanka’s friendship and that she wasn’t going to let politics ruin their relationship.

“I’m really grateful Ivanka’s my friend. She’s a great woman. Friendship is always more important than politics. I learned that growing up, watching my parents be friends with people across the political spectrum in Arkansas.”

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump gave a shout-out to Chelsea on Twitter noting her friend’s “wise words.”

However, all of that appears to be “on hold” now that their parents are in a bitter battle for the presidential seat. Sources close to the family note that both Ivanka and Chelsea did not want the presidential race to affect their friendship and went into the campaigns with the idea that everything would be “OK.” However, with Donald Trump as the GOP front runner and Hillary Clinton as the Democratic front runner, both the Trump and Clinton campaigns are beginning to take deep stabs at the other in a bid to discredit their main competition. Though Ivanka and Chelsea are openly supporting their individual parent’s run at the presidency, the women had hoped to remain friends throughout the ordeal and come out stronger. Sadly it seems that the battle is getting too heated and the women have placed their friendship “on hold” until the race is over.

“In the beginning (when Hillary and Trump announced their presidential bids) it was lighthearted. Everything was OK. Since then, it has gotten very strained.”

According to the NY Daily News, Ivanka and Chelsea have no “bad blood” between them and that both women are handling the situation in their typical classy fashion. Both Trump and Clinton want their friendship to work but are waiting until after they see how the presidential race plays out.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Ivanka will have to continue to watch as both their parents continue a bitter battle and harsh words are tossed by their campaign managers. Donald Trump recently took to Twitter to note that he is the last person that Hillary Clinton wants to run against in the 2016 presidential race.

Hillary Clinton has also taken some jabs at Trump saying he uses “disgusting sexist slurs.”

Do you think Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton will be able to continue their friendship after Donald and Hillary are done blasting one another for their presidential campaigns? Or will too much damage have been done to be able to continue a future friendship?

[Image via AP]