Duggar Cousin Amy Lays Out Harsh Penalty For Adultery — Should Josh Be Wary?

It’s clear that Josh Duggar’s cousin, Amy, is more than a little tired of dealing with the consequences of Josh’s choices. She’s blogged about the attacks the negative publicity has brought, and about distancing herself from the more famous (and controversial) portion of the Duggar family. She has even addressed the matter openly on social media, saying it makes her furious.

Now, though, Amy has tweeted about a consequence of marital infidelity that no court would impose.

First, let’s be clear: Amy’s cousin Josh is hardly the only element in her life at the moment, nor are Josh and Anna the only couple whose marriage is apt to be on the young woman’s mind at the moment. Current reports say her parents have filed for divorce, and her own marriage is only months old.

With all this going on, it’s small wonder that the Duggar family’s so-called “rebel cousin” is posting vague updates and memes centered around love, marriage, and staying together. For instance, Amy’s Instagram revealed some of her feelings about divorce and ending relationships this week, via a text image.

Duggar cousin Amy says marriage is work.
[Image via Instagram]

Of course, people across the internet, on all social media platforms, re-post a seemingly endless number of memes and text images each day, often without appearing to actually consider the content. Amy, however, has pretty frequently posted memes that turn out to be oblique references to the family’s situation, especially since her cousin Josh’s crimes and indiscretions began becoming public.

The above image appears to reflect that perfectly, appearing just as rumors, then confirmation, of her parents ending their marriage surfaced.

“No one falls in love by choice,
it is by chance.
No one stays in love by chance,
it is by work.
And no one falls out of love by chance,
it is by choice.”

Though it’s a quote (author unknown) that many people would re-post even when it wasn’t applicable to their current situation, it certainly reflects emotions the Duggar cousin must be dealing with at the moment. Similarly, her Twitter post at about the same time about marital infidelity could have been posted as a joke, or as a result of not reading all the way through (after all, at first glance, it too appears to be about divorce), or for reasons more directly related to Amy’s recent experiences. That is, if she was any random social media user, it might have been posted for any reason. Amy, though, has a cousin whose infidelity has been a top subject in every form of media for most of the past year, and it’s unlikely she posted this lightly.

Duggar cousin Amy on divorce
[Image via Twitter]

At a glance, it appears that the one-time Duggar is thinking about her parents, or perhaps about the things she hopes to focus on to keep her own marriage strong. The last line, though, hints that maybe she’s thinking more about her cousin.

Duggar cousin Amy tweets about penile fracture
[Image via Twitter]

“[O]n a side note, affairs are the leading cause for penile fractures (60%)”

The meme might be a joke, but genital injury is a pretty serious consequence to joke about, and the implication that it’s a justifiable response from a spurned spouse is, at minimum, a clear indication of some pretty strong feelings.

Duggar cousin Amy says cheating can lead to genital injury
[Image via Twitter]

It’s more than a little unlikely Amy intended the meme as serious advice for her cousin-in-law, Anna Duggar, but it’s still a pretty explicit expression of how strongly Amy still feels about Josh Duggar’s infidelity — a matter that is likely still at the forefront of the family’s minds, as Josh faces a lawsuit from a woman with whom he allegedly cheated on Anna.

Her Duggar cousins might also be beginning to take Amy’s open criticism rather seriously — she unfollowed Josh on social media some time ago, but still follows accounts for the married Duggar sisters, Jill and Jessa, as well as Anna.

Anna and Jill‘s accounts still show that they follow Amy’s posts (so perhaps some of Amy’s posts are, indeed, aimed at her cousin-in-law) but Jessa has Twitter-dumped the rebel cousin.

Granted, it appears Jessa has pared her Twitter list down to a minimum — she now follows 12 accounts, including Jill, Josh, Derrick, Ben, Josiah and Anna — but not Amy. Perhaps her cousin’s posts about Duggar problems were starting to get to her.

Jessa Duggar Twitter dumped Amy
[Image via Twitter]

As you can see above, Jessa follows nine accounts connected to the Duggar and Seewald families, and three related to her religious beliefs — but no cousin Amy.

Is it oversight, or did Duggar cousin Amy cross the line by joking that Anna should respond to Josh’s infidelity via inducing damage to his genitals?

[Image via TLC]