Frankie Brown: Memphis, Tennessee Mom Threatening To Kill Baby On Facebook To Be Arrested?

“Frankie Brown” is allegedly the name of a Memphis, Tennessee, mom who was spotted threatening to kill her baby on Facebook. The brutal Facebook post has become viral and now many people on Facebook are on the hunt for the woman, trying to help the police track her down. The Memphis Police Department is urgently looking for any more information about the Memphis woman, although they are not certain if she even lives within the area.

[Update] The Memphis Police Department has released a message saying that the woman has been found, but gives no further details.

“We have been contacted by Milwaukee PD and was advised that this individual lives within their jurisdiction. They have knowledge of this posting and have identified her. Thank you all for sharing.”

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In a related report by The Inquisitr, a different woman named “Katie Brown” posted a Facebook photo of her dog with its mouth duct-taped shut. In response to the apparent case of animal cruelty, many on Facebook called on the police to investigate and she was eventually tracked down… but she never went to jail.

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Whether Frankie Brown will ever face justice is also questionable at this moment. Like the woman who posted the photo of the duct tape dog, Brown may be using a fake name on Facebook since “Katie” was eventually discovered to be named Katharine Lemansky. It is also possible Brown lives in a different area, since Lemansky was also listed on Facebook as living in Florida, but she was eventually caught by police in North Carolina.

The Memphis Police Department is currently asking for the public’s help in tracking down Frankie Brown’s identity.

“The Memphis Police Department was made aware of this posting that was posted on Facebook. Investigators need help with identifying and locating this individual. We do not know if this poster is from Memphis, TN, however, we do want to make contact with this female to ensure that this infant is safe,” the MPD said on their Facebook page. “Please share this post in order to hopefully reach someone who may know this female. Regardless if this individual is a resident of Memphis or not, we want to locate her.”

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The only thing known about Brown is that she posted this message on New Year’s Day 2016.

“I hate my child’s father and all the b******t he is putting me through! Deadbeat a** n***a! I should kill our f***ing baby! F**k everything!” she said, making her point clear by using several knife emoji for emphasis.

Unfortunately, Frankie Brown’s Facebook page may have been taken down or made private since her account can no longer be found through a Facebook people search. The MPD Facebook post has been shared by many people during the last 13 hours, but so far no one has stepped forward with more information. The Memphis Police Department asks that if anyone can identify Brown, or knows of her whereabouts, then they should contact the Memphis Police Department immediately at 901-636-3559 or CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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