Happy Mew Year Day For Cats: It’s Like New Year’s Day For Kitties [Videos, Photos]

Happy Mew Year! Mew Year day is like New Year's only it's for cats. This special holiday is celebrated on Jan. 2 and follows the human celebration of New Year's Day. Why should cats have their own new year, or Mew Year day and celebration? If you have to ask, then clearly you are not a cat aficionado. Cats are regal. Cats are divine. Cats ruled Egypt. And of course, cats deserve their own holidays. According to Ruth and Thomas Roy of Wellcat, the couple invented the holiday that is under copyright and has taken off with cat lovers by storm. All across America, cat owners are honoring their cats and giving them a little more love, affection and attention as they celebrate a happy "Mew" year.

Mew Year day is a time for pet owners to show their cats how special they are and to enjoy their presence for the next year. There are ways to celebrate Mew Year with your own cat or kitties, but also the holiday serves as a great way to bring awareness to various cat issues, such as abuse and neglect. Many people share adoptable cats photos and pictures on their social networks on Mew Year day. It's also a time to create awareness for the need of "no-kill shelters" for cats.Whether you choose to celebrate Mew Year's day with your own furry feline, or by helping create awareness for cats in need of forever homes, the day is a time to show your love, care and compassion for cats.DoveLewis offered five ways to celebrate the new year "Mew Year" with your cat. First, they suggested to knit some warm winter clothing for your cat. You don't need to limit yourself to knitting. You can crochet, sew or even purchase a special outfit for your cat as a way of celebrating Mew Year day.Also, Dove Lewis points out that the average cat sleeps up to 16 hours per day. That really is a long time sleeping once you think about it. With only eight hours awake time it can be difficult finding quality time with your cat. Dove Lewis suggests that you can take a "cat nap" with your cat for some extra bonding time.One way that everyone can pamper their cat on Mew Year's day is to provide special treats. If there is a luxury brand cat food, or cat treat that your cat would love, why not get it for him or her on Mew Year day? The holiday is about showing your cat how much he or she is loved and there may be no better time of year than to spoil your cat with a luxurious, gourmet snack than on Mew Year.If you don't have a cat, there may be no better time to adopt a cat or kitten in need than on Mew Year day. Visit the ASPCA and learn about cat adoption. Determine if you're a good candidate to adopt a cat and give him or her the love, attention and physical care the cat requires. If you are ready to adopt a cat, check with your local ASPCA shelters and begin the process of giving a cat in need a forever home. Cats are wonderful animals and are great additions to the home and family.

Happy Mew Year day!

About the photo: The picture above is circa 1930 and shows a little girl opening a basket that has four, Blue Persian kittens inside. The kittens were 12 weeks old when the photo was taken.

[Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images]