'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Says Season 5 Could Be His Last, Is He Heading To The WWE?

While the mid-season finale of Arrow left fans with plenty to think about, Stephen Amell's recent comments have some fans wondering about the future of the hit series. In speaking to fans on Facebook during a Q&A session, the Arrow star hinted that Season 5 could be his last. If Amell's time on the hit series is coming to an end, where will the actor be headed next?

Amell brought up the end of the series during his discussion on social media, and revealed that the show was originally only slated to run for five years.

"We were always built to be a five year show, which is a very courageous thing to plan for when you're just in the pilot stages of something."
That being said, Amell did caution fans that the series could easily go beyond Season 5 and well into the future, despite the original plan. Nonetheless, the very mention of the end of the series got many fans wondering what other sorts of projects Amell would work on. Aside from his upcoming appearance in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, does the actor have a future in the WWE?

According to Comic Book Resources, Amell still holds an undefeated record with the WWE and has been engaged in some back and forth talk with the WWE wrestler Stardust. In fact, the two have exchanged taunting messages on social media, with Amell indicating that he would not back down in another matchup against the wrestler.

Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on 'Arrow.' [Image via The CW]
Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on 'Arrow.' [Image via The CW]With WrestleMania quickly approaching, it is possible that Amell and Stardust will meet in a one-on-one matchup, especially considering the popularity of the event. Although nothing official has been released on the matter, the event would definitely see an increase in viewers if Amell was involved. Wrestlemania 32 is set to kick off in Arlington, Texas on April 3.

Aside from a potential career in the WWE, Amell may also have a future with Marvel Comics. According to Design & Trend, the Arrow star recently revealed that he would be more than willing to play a superhero on the big screens for Marvel, despite being a "DC guy."

"Sure, why not," Amell stated. "I'm up for roles — movie roles — although I've never really read Marvel Comics and I was always a DC guy even before I was a DC guy. But it's not like if I got offered an awesome Marvel superhero, I'd be like 'No, I can't.'"

Although DC and Marvel have been rivals for a long time now, there really isn't anything that would stop Amell from starring in a Marvel movie. In fact, there have been precedents for actors doing some DC and Marvel crossover. Ben Affleck, who is now getting ready to appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, once played the Marvel superhero Daredevil.

With Amell willing to appear in a Marvel movie, the only question remaining is which superhero the studio would have him play. Hawkeye, who is currently being played by Jeremy Renner, may be one option for Amell, especially considering how Renner might be walking away from the role in the near future.

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards on 'Arrow.' [Image via The CW]
Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards on 'Arrow.' [Image via The CW]That being said, Marvel is planning on expanding its cinematic universe over the next ten years, which should only open up more opportunities for Amell to pick up a role.

In the end, it still isn't clear if Amell's time on Arrow is truly going to end once Season 5 is officially over. The only thing that is certain at this point is that Amell has plenty of options to choose from, whether it is a future with Marvel of the WWE.

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