‘Once Upon A Time’: Lana Parrilla Stirs Up SwanQueen Fans

Once Upon a Time fans have three months to wait for the return of the series, but the cast is still finding time to keep fans in the know when it comes to what is coming next during the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 5.

Both Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla spoke with Entertainment Weekly recently about Once Upon a Time and their characters, Emma and Regina. The relationship between the two women has changed dramatically since the series began. When Emma first arrived in Storybrooke, Regina hated her. Regina wanted Emma out of town as quickly as possible, but in the end, Emma remained in town.

Once she stayed, Emma’s relationship with Regina began to evolve. Now, the two are close, and Emma knows that Regina is one of the few people that can truly understand the experiences she has had since first arriving in Storybrooke.

Both women have dark sides now, and Regina can understand the impact a darkness inside one’s self can have on a person. Emma no longer has the darkness inside her, but there were things she did during her time as the Dark One that still have an impact on her.

Jennifer Morrison spoke about the bond between the two women with Entertainment Weekly.

“I feel like they have a really true friendship. It’s just awesome to see two strong women have a great friendship on television, because usually you have two strong women fighting each other, or angry at each other, or having a catfight. You have these two women who have fought so hard to be the people that they want to be, and they’ve gone through challenges and both fail in certain ways and pick themselves up and move on, but they now have a real friendship and they really have each other’s backs and really are there for each other. I think that’s a really great thing to see on television.”

Parrilla also spoke about the pair, and she said that Emma and Regina are friends and family. The two women are passed the Dark One business, and the next mission is to save Hook from the Underworld. A previous Inquisitr report shared the latest about the trip to the Underworld fans will see when Once Upon a Time returns in March.

Parrilla spoke more about Emma and Regina, and her comments caused a reaction from one part of the Once Upon a Time fan base, according to CarterMatt.

“I always see their relationship as best friends and sisters. I’m nervous to say that because there are so many SwanQueens out there that see something else, and I don’t want to take that away from them.”

Not long after the Entertainment Weekly article was posted, fans began to buzz about her comments, and Lana Parrilla immediately went to her Twitter to respond to the fan response.

Once Upon a Time fans have definitely shown that they believe strongly about the series. The series has created several different ships that fans believe in. SwanQueen fans had their love start soon after the series began.

It is not likely anything between Emma and Regina would happen during the series, but Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have teased that a LGBT relationship would be seen on the series soon. That is likely to center around Mulan.

When Red, played by Meghan Ory, returned, there were some sparks between the two women, but they have not been seen again since. It is not likely fans will see them until the group from Storybrooke leaves the Underworld.

Are you excited to see what happens next on Once Upon a Time?

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