One Direction Star Louis Tomlinson Seems Deeply Unhappy And It Shows

Alan Ewart

As every One Direction fan knows, Louis Tomlinson tends to play his cards very close to his chest when it comes to his private life. Tomlinson rarely discusses personal issues and many of Louis' fans believe that this, at least in part, is because One Direction's management have such a high level of control over the band's image. As previously reported in The Inquisitr Tomlinson has been subject of a huge amount of negative reporting in recent months and it is beginning to look like it as all becoming too much for Louis.

If we take things at face value, and many of Louis' fans do not, Tomlinson should be enjoying one of the happiest periods of his life. Tomlinson and his One Direction band mates have put five-years of incredibly intensive work behind them. By any measure Louis and One Direction have enjoyed phenomenal success. Louis has five hit albums and four massive world tours under his belt and his success has brought both fame and fortune.

Continuing to take things at face value for a moment Louis should be looking forward to becoming a father for the first time later this month. The Sun broke the story back in July that Tomlinson was father to a baby being carried by L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth. In normal circumstances Louis should be over-the-moon and looking forward to meeting baby Tomlinson for the first time.

Add the Christmas and new year holidays into the mix and one would think that Tomlinson should be in his pomp, on top of the world. Sadly, the truth is very different for Louis Tomlinson.

In recent days, numerous pictures have emerged that show that Louis is far from on top of the world. Tomlinson looks pale and drawn. Louis' cheeks are hollow, his eyes are sunken, and he looks painfully thin. Far from being in his pomp Louis looks, he looks like he needs to be in bed being comforted by his mom with bowls of chicken soup.

Even more upsetting for some of Tomlinson's fans is the suggestion that he may have been self harming. Pictures of Louis have been shared on social media that seem to show a number of scars on Louis arm. Whilst the scars do not appear to be fresh, some fans have jumped to the conclusion that Tomlinson has been harming himself by cutting his arms.

Many of his fans have pointed out that Louis tends to lose a lot of weight when he is stressed and unhappy. There can be little doubt that Louis has lost a lot of weight very quickly and in the circulating pictures he does look tired and sick. One can only hope that Tomlinson makes a quick recovery from whatever is ailing him. His fans want to see the spark return to his eyes and the smile back on his face.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]