The Most Important One Direction Tweet Ever Sent

As Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner draw the world’s eyes to St Barths, where they have been lazing about and cuddling in a selection of breezy yacht outfits and bathing suits, PopSugar has made a big call: the most important One Direction tweet ever sent.

In a week that has so far given us Harry’s holiday, Louis’ new girlfriend and Liam’s jaw-dropping Instagram selfie, it’s nice that PopSugar have paid homage to Niall Horan as he is tucked away secretively in Ireland somewhere.

The tweet is a relic of One Direction history. It was sent off-the-cuff by Niall Horan, who did not even bother to hit the space bar, spell check or include all the required vowels when he sent the message on the day of his fateful audition for the X Factor.

It all worked out well for Niall indeed, and the rest was history.

One Direction have just gone on hiatus after five years of annual album releases and grueling touring. The guys have hooked up with a bevy of attractive girls, garnered a maniacally devoted fan base, won countless awards and broken records, all after placing third in the X Factor but winning the support of creator Simon Cowell, who recognized the potential of the charming five-piece.

PopSugar’s timeline provides a sense of how far the One Direction guys have come, and will refresh long-time 1D watcher’s memories about some old escapades like Harry and Louis hiding in the back of a bread van so they could sight-see in Rio de Janeiro, One Direction doing a tiny tour as the lowly opening act for some band called “Big Time Rush,” and the time Zayn Malik called Malibu “Malibami” by mistake. The time Harry Styles supported openly-gay NFL player Michael Sam by wearing his jersey also gets a mention.

The Niall Horan “most important tweet” selection was a big call because One Direction pretty convincingly dominate Twitter. Indeed, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne owe their meteoric rise to the industrious tweeting of their fan base, who grew from a small pool that connected via Twitter in 2010 to an all-powerful force who can get things like #WeAreAllHarry, #LouisBeHappy or the latest, #NewBand1DelightOfJB (some kind of mash-up designed to connect the fan communities of One Direction and Justin Bieber) trending on Twitter.

People magazine earlier this year reported on the Twitter power of One Direction themselves, noting that the fivesome (Zayn Malik was included in the overview) were the senders of half of the top ten most retweeted Tweets of the year. Zayn Malik’s praise for his ex-bandmate’s first single “Drag Me Down” made the cut (sadly, Malik would go on to trash the band’s work in a notorious interview with Fader magazine, later denounced by 1D manager Simon Cowell as “very rude”).

A seemingly innocuous tweet sent by Harry Styles, in which he includes his trademark “all the love” sign-off and little else, also features in the list. The reason for this is that it was the first message sent after Zayn Malik left the band — Harry-watchers had been waiting with bated breath for a word from the curly-haired crooner, even one formed by just a tap on his keyboard. When the familiar “all the love” was sent out it was like a warm ray, soothing and reassuring a fanbase still rattled by bad news.

The Observer reported with amazement on the social media dominance of the boys, also noting that the biggest non-One Direction tweet sent in 2015 was sent by Barack Obama, and it was a celebration of the Supreme Court gay marriage win in the United States — a fact that should make Harry himself and the “rainbow” Directioners covered previously in the Inquisitr, as well as a lot of Larry shippers, happy.

“The tweet that came in fourth was President Barack Obama’s celebratory #LoveWins comment about the Supreme Court’s decision to make same-sex marriage legal nationwide, but after that, it went right back to One Direction with a tweet by Louis Tomlinson.”

Is Niall Horan’s tweet a great throwback? Do you have a favorite One Direction tweet?

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]