Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner — Three Ways It Could Go Very Right…Or Very Wrong

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were seen making out on a yacht! While many were dismayed to see the fit hottie cavorting with a woman outside the realms of their own depraved fantasies, and many others called “winter girlfriend,” insisting that Kendall will be gone by February, and many others continued to insist that “Larry is real,” and that One Direction gay cover-ups will continue well into the eighteen month hiatus, many others who are fans of the long-haired crooner and the sexy supermodel were happy to see the two together.

Let’s not forget Orlando Bloom, who announced his desire for Kendall Jenner’s phone number last month, as reported by Hollywood Life. Fresh from a punch-up with Justin Bieber over the Canadian star’s fling with Miranda Kerr, it seems the Lord Of The Rings actor has now found himself bested by a boybander. You can bet that neither Purpose nor Made In The A.M. will be high on the elfin 38-year-old’s to-buy list as he hits the January sales.

For “shippers” of “Hendall,” here is a list of three reasons this match-up could be good for the tattooed One Direction star and the lithe Victoria’s Secret brunette.

Sadly, one can also envisage a few scenarios that would cause the mighty Hendall — whom no-one thought would ever be resurrected — to keel over yet again.

Kendall Jenner Could Star In A Harry Styles Solo Music Video

Chris Isaak, eat your heart out! It has been a long time since supermodels were used in music videos not merely as booty-shaking props but as elegant co-stars. The ’90s video director had a way of playing up these women’s raw, animal beauty: gem-like eyes, tousled manes of hair, supple flesh, sand-encrusted skin glistening with sensual oils and a soundtrack of masculine, country-music-tinged caterwauling was the stuff of ’90s music video magic.

If Kendall starred in a Harry Styles solo video, the two could bring their playful chemistry to set and essentially give Kardashian “momager” Kris Jenner a tastefully-edited version of the sex tape she has reportedly been asking her other daughters to create, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. Kris Jenner would have her own “One Direction baby,” – a video project! – and if she sees Briana Jungwirth’s mom around the parking lot of the Calabasas 7/11 there will no longer be any need for her to hang her head out of a sense of inferiority.

Harry Might Hang Out With Kanye West

Kanye West is the perfect foil for Harry. While Harry Styles is the sort of abstract-thinking strategist whose contributions to album lyrics are as carefully-worded and painstakingly-considered as his evasive interview answers (“songs can be about anything”… repeat ad infinitum), Kanye West is more like a kitchen tap set carelessly to full blast at all times, happy to just let phrases roll off his tongue and see where he ends up, to scatter all his raw material on the table then mine it for nuggets of gold. Whether he’s butting into Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, or penning zingers like “sophisticated ignorance…I write my curses in cursive” for 2011’s Watch The Throne album, Kanye has the spirit of an explorer, the mind of an innovator, and a serious case of verbal diarrhea that media-managed Harry could probably survive a bout of. A Kanye appearance on an R’n’B tinged Harry track would be like the opening of a floodgate, giving the One Direction hunk a launching pad to begin exploring his own devil-may-care side.

Harry Will Gain More Access To Amazing Designers And Might Start Wearing Balmain

If there was one thing we loved seeing in 2015 it was Harry in an array of wild suits, his long locks hanging like military tassels over the shoulders of patterned blazers that sometimes looked like couch upholstery, and sometimes like an extra-tricky Magic Eye poster that almost no one can do.

If Harry keeps hanging out with Kendall, the supermodel could get the One Direction hunk fitted out in some fetching new ensembles. The photogenic pair could even star in a Mario Testino spread together, or perhaps a Calvin Klein ad – remember when Justin Bieber did the “My Calvins” thing and they gave him an endless supply of underpants? The Canadian star joked to James Corden that he actually wears the undies only once before he throws them out.

And how it could go wrong…

Harry has apparently broken Kendall’s heart once before. Cynical social media commenters are already predicting that it will happen again, amid claims that Kendall’s mom is pushing the duo to star on her reality television program Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The first time Harry broke up with Kendall it was reported that the model turned to dating gurus for advice about dealing with guys she dates, according to IB Times. Was the beautiful American hurt by Harry, and eager to avoid being hurt again?

If there were any tantrums or sobs at the time of the first Harry/Kendall breakup, it is likely the 20-year-old beauty’s mom and sisters would have been privy to it. Have they allowed Kendall to get back with Harry anyway…perhaps for the sake of the sort of career benefits listed in this article?

Has Kendall Jenner been left as easy prey for the the Syco-managed Harry Styles supermodel-crusher, which now powers her way, grunting and thrusting? Will Kendall be left behind yet again, like the shell of a pistachio, when the hunk is done enjoying her sweet innards?

Hopefully not — Daily Mail has reported that Kendall is aware that Harry is not the commitment type, and that the brunette beauty has entered the fling with realistic eyes, knowing that she will have fun with Harry and that that is all she should expect.

Will Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner work out? Will they help each others’ careers?

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]