UFO Hunters Spot 'Number 58' Sign On Surface Of Moon And Mars -- Proof Of Intelligent Space faring Alien Species? [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

Alien and UFO hunters claim to have spotted intelligently designed numerical signs inscribed on the surface of the Moon and Mars. UFO and space anomaly hunter Sandra Elena Andrade reports detecting the "number 58" inscribed on specific locations on Mars and Moon in Google Maps.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on December 28, 2015, Andrade, who ascribes the "amazing discovery" to researchers "Marcelo Irazusta and his son James," argues that the discovery of numerical signs inscribed on the surface of the Moon and Mars give evidence of the presence intelligent alien space explorers in our solar system.

The UFO hunter and alien conspiracy theorist comments that the discovery confounds skeptics who ascribe all discoveries of space anomalies indicative of technologically advanced alien races to "coincidence" or "pareidolia."

"This 'coincidence' is undeniable even for those who reject this type of discovery, saying 'pareidolia.' Everyone can see and draw their own conclusions."

"This #58 is there, and is easy to make out. I have only confirmed the Mars coordinates, so maybe if you get the Moon coordinates please tell us in comments," Waring writes.

"This #58 is there, and is easy to make out. I have only confirmed the Mars coordinates."

"I have heard legends of these photos not being shown to the public when they were first taken," Waring writes. "Even now, it's difficult to find them. NASA employees said Mariner 7 photos contained many alien cities and structures, so they could not allow the public to see them."

But some skeptics have dismissed the suggestion that aliens would use human numerals to inscribe signs on the Moon and Mars.

A YouTube user Bruce Arnold suggested that the numbers were likely labels by Google technicians working to reconstruct the spherical shapes of Mars and the Moon.

"Google Earth stitches images together to form the illusion of the Moon being a sphere," Arnold wrote. "It is possible that there was an image that was labeled '58' and this was not edited out of the end product.

"Google stitches individual pictures to make the Mars globe. The '58' is an artifact of one of the original images."

According to Waring, the numbers "58" and "6" on Mars and Moon appear to be codes used by the alien races discovered by Mariner 7. The aliens may have inscribed the numbers on specific locations on the Moon and Mars to warn other alien visitors of their territorial claims. Alternatively, the numbers could be there to guide alien spacecraft to landing.

Recalling alleged evidence from the reported discovery of an entrance to an alien base in Rocca Pica, in Italy, Waring speculates that the number 6 was probably the reference code for a collaboration between alien species exploring our solar system. But the aliens fell out and one of the collaborating aliens from a distant planet in our galaxy adopted the code W56.

About two hundred of the W56 -- also known as the "Akrij" -- lived in underground and underwater bases off the coast of Italy for several decades -- from the 1950s until the 1990s -- according to UFO and alien conspiracy theorists.

Waring suggests that a hint about the meaning of the number "56" in the code name "W56" comes probably from the disclosure by the famous Area 51 whistleblower, Robert Lanzar, that USAF officials have documents revealing there are 56 space-faring aliens in our solar system.

Going by Waring's fanciful speculation, we could conclude that the number 58 on Mars and the Moon is the code for a confederation of 58 space-faring -- and possibly warlike -- alien species in our solar system.

A worrisome prospect if we assume they are only waiting for the right moment to take over Earth!

[Image via NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team/Wikimedia/Public Domain]