Kim Kardashian Rocks Pajama Fashion On New Year’s Day

Kim Kardashian, fashion goddess, is trying out a new look for 2016. Known for her hot style, sexy see-through clothes, and trendy fashion sense, Kim is often seen in transparent lace or plunging necklines.

That seems to be changing now, and Kim is starting to get comfy in “comfyware.” After celebrating New Year’s Eve with older sister Kourtney Kardashian, Caitlyn Jenner, and some special friends, Kim settled in for a day of taking it easy on New Year’s Day. She decided the best way to be comfortable for her day off was to wear the most comfy clothes she owns, so she wrapped up in pajamas! In a tweet about her day “lounging around at home in pajamas,” Kim posted a photo of herself in pale blue pajamas sporting white trim, and captioned the photo “COZY PJS.”

The photo is also on her website,, where Kim wrote about spending the day being comfortable with pajama fashion.

“New Year’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take it easy and just relax in bed! I’m a big fan of matching pajama sets … or a onesie for a cute look that’s all about comfort.”

The post fits right in with Kim’s New Year’s resolution to have a more “pro-active” presence on social media, and probably inspired a lot of fans to follow her fashion lead and stay in pajamas all day.

According to MTV News, Kim seems to be heading in a fashion direction of “snuggly chic” a lot lately. On New Year’s Eve with Kourtney and pals, Kim didn’t even bother to dress up. The fashion queen came to the party wearing a black hoodie, and looked completely happy in comfy top.

The Kardashian sisters are all fashion divas, but they’ve have had a thing for pajamas most of their lives. Kim’s livestream of the Kardashian Christmas celebrations this year showed some fashion-forward onesies happening. It’s a family tradition for the Kardashians to open Christmas presents and enjoy a leisurely breakfast together while cozying up in pajamas. The Disick and Kardashian-West kids wore matching white and green onesies in 2015, and the grownups tried some onesie fashion, too.

On Christmas Eve, Kim posted a Throwback Thursday photo to Instagram, showing fans how she and sisters Kourtney and Khloe celebrated Christmas in 1986. You guessed it: they wore pajamas! The Kardashian sisters aren’t just dressed as they were 30 years ago, they look the same! It’s not hard to tell who’s who in the snap: from left to right, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim are smiling for the old, pre-smartphone camera, showing off their matching pajamas and early fashion sense.

Kim’s fashion choices over the past year are a far cry from her pajamas on New Year’s Day and her hoodie on New Year’s Eve. Huffington Post reports on Kim’s 11 best outfits in 2015, and points out that most of the clothes worn by the middle Kardashian sister are very “low-cut, form fitting” fashions. Even while she was pregnant, Kim continued to wear her “signature style,” and looked stunning.

So, the fashion question of the year is all about whether Kim’s pajama and hoodie wearing will change the famous Kardashian fashion look. Will it be “out with the activewear and in with the sleep gear in 2016?”

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]