Miranda Lambert Finally Reveals New Boyfriend With A Picture [Photo]

Miranda Lambert fans heard last week that she was dating Anderson East, but she has been quiet about it so far. Miranda was quiet about the news and didn’t seem ready to share with her fans what was going on. That is until today when Miranda Lambert finally went to her Instagram page and shared a photo of herself with Anderson East, pretty much confirming that the two are more than just friends. Fans have been waiting for Miranda to share, and she chose to do it when she was ready and on her terms.

This photo shows Miranda Lambert snuggled up under a blanket with Anderson East, and she even tagged him in it, as well as the person who took the photo. Here is what her caption said on the photo.

The snuggle is real… @andersoneast????:@raytair @ape_lewis

Miranda and Anderson together [Image Via Instagram]

Of course, as you can see in this pic, Miranda Lambert and Anderson East look really cozy. She has a huge smile on her face, which fans love seeing from her. There is no big PDA from this couple just yet, though. This is the first man Miranda has been seen with since her very public split from Blake Shelton. Now Blake has not been shy at all about the fact that he is moving on with Gwen Stefani. These two met while filming The Voice together and have been out in public together a lot since revealing that they are actually dating. Blake was even seen out with Gwen and her youngest son. They seem to be crazy about each other.

The fans are going crazy on this picture and love seeing Miranda so happy. She is getting a lot of congratulations, and less than an hour after posting it on Instagram, it already had over 21,000 likes and was climbing all the time. Miranda’s fans seem to be embracing this relationship so far.

Anderson East is also a singer, but not country music like Miranda Lambert. Last week, after news came out that these two were dating, his stepdad did confirm that they were an item, even though Miranda and Anderson didn’t seem to be ready to tell the world. He also talked about what a great person Anderson is, and it looks like Miranda does agree with him.

Hollywood Take shared that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East were going to spend New Year’s Eve together as well. Sources say that the two have been dating for about a month. A source actually revealed a little bit about their relationship recently to E! News.

“Miranda has been dating for the past few months but recently starting having eyes for only one guy – that gut being Anderson. It’s still pretty new and she is just enjoying getting to know him. Anderson is a complete gentleman! Miranda gets butterflies with Anderson. He is a wonderful guy with an amazing personality. Miranda loves his sense of humor and his love for music. They have many things in common.”

Everyone is excited to see Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton moving on and being happy in new relationships. It does look like both of them are finally getting over their big split. These two kept quiet that things were over until their divorce was actually final. Fans were shocked to hear that it was over between this power couple, but it does look like it might have been for the best.

Are you surprised to hear that Miranda Lambert is already revealing her relationship with Anderson East? Do you think it looks like she has found her match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Miranda and her new man Anderson East.

[Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool via Getty Images]