How Kylo Ren Proved He Is The Toughest ‘Star Wars’ Villain Ever [Spoilers]

Kylo Ren has come under heavy criticism for how he closed out Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and if you aren’t wanting to know why, then it is advised you abandon ship after bookmarking this article for later reading.

Consider this your SPOILER ALERT.

Okay, now assuming everyone left wants to know about that criticism and why it’s completely wrong, let’s begin.

The theory comes from an Imgur user, who made the compelling, but profanity-laced, case on the photo sharing website.

He awoke the next morning to find that his Kylo Ren defense had gone viral. While the editorial standards of the Inquisitr will not allow reproduction of his colorful language, here is the gist of what he had to say.

But before that, the criticism.

Why are people being so hard on Kylo Ren? Quite frankly, it’s because he kind of got his rear handed to him in the film’s climactic lightsaber duel.

First off, he didn’t make as short work of Finn (John Boyega) as he apparently should have, scuffling with the lowly stormtrooper expatriate before turning his attentions to Rey (Daisy Ridley).

Many who’ve seen the movie believe that, because Rey gets the upper hand before the chasm separates them for a later meeting, he’s a lesser version of Darth Vader and that he would have been crushed against any previous Jedi Knight or Sith Lord.

The Imgur user SomedayWeMightBeDead begs to differ. According to his analysis, Kylo Ren and his scuffle with Finn and Rey, and the circumstances leading up to it, only proves what a bada** the guy really is.

To set up this theory, he first notes that fans are treated to multiple uses of Chewbacca’s laser crossbow weapon throughout Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and that in each case, it leaves the entity on the receiving end reeling.

The destruction that Chewie’s crossbow wrecks on the Wookie’s enemies is undeniable and attracts the admiration of Han Solo at one point in the film.

But in the third act, Kylo Ren takes a direct hit from the handheld obliterator, and he basically pauses to catch his breath and allow the sting to subside before going back after the good guys and having the climactic head-to-head with Finn and Rey.

Furthermore, after taking a direct hit from the uber-deadly weapon and shaking it off, he fights 2-on-1 with a stormtrooper, trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat, and a super-strong, Force-sensitive Rey, who has managed to survive on her own through wits and scrapper ability her entire life.

Given his opponents’ prowess and his own weakened state, he still manages to knock one out and come close to offing the other after killing one of the film franchise’s most beloved characters.

“If Kylo Ren could do all of that after taking that kind of hit … how in the f*** are they going to stop him when he’s at one hundred percent?” the poster closes.

It’s a compelling argument and one that you can read in its profanity-laced glory at this link. However, it is missing one key component.

Throughout the film, Kylo Ren has abilities far beyond many of the original Jedi trainees and some of the Jedi/Sith themselves. No one ever saw Darth Maul pull off some of the stunts that he does in The Force Awakens.

Yet, before he takes any real damage in the film, he has the opportunity to “interrogate” an untrained Rey with his mind powers, and he can’t do it. She thoroughly owns him in spite of having no experience. Clearly her Force powers are more than his, and that’s ultimately what leads to his defeat.

But if it’s true that Rey is actually the reincarnated Anakin Skywalker, then that’s understandable.

What do you think about it all, readers? Was Kylo Ren too weak of a villain, or did he have more abilities than fans are giving him credit for? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Star Wars: The Force Awakens screen grab]