Camille Cosby Must Testify About Bill Cosby On January 6

Camille Cosby may have tried to escape talking about her husband, Bill Cosby, but a court says Camille must testify about Bill, reports CNN. Previously, Camille had issued a statement of support for Cosby, a move that gained Camille plenty of backlash from people posting their opinions on social media. It was Bill’s interaction with Andrea Constand, a woman who alleged that Cosby gave her pills that incapacitated her and allegedly allowed Bill to sexually assault her, which blew the case against the comedian wide open. Since that charge made it in under the 12-year statute of limitations, Cosby had an arrest warrant issued against him.

Therefore, although Camille wanted her deposition order to go away, reports CNN, Camille must face the music and tell the public what she knows about Cosby in the defamation lawsuit Bill faces. With seven women among 50 claiming in the suit that Bill drugged them or raped them or both, any information Camille holds about her husband would greatly affect Cosby’s case. Bill hasn’t admitted to sexually assaulting the women. Camille must testify on January 6, 2016, with the court not buying the argument that the things Bill and Camille discussed fell under a privileged legal category given to some private conversations.

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(Photo by George De Sota/Newsmakers)

Camille has long stood by Cosby’s side, from the time she was pictured in the above photo when the couple attended the Essence Awards on April 27, 2001, and many years prior. The older photo above was taken on September 12, 1965, with the black-and-white photo showing Camille gripping onto the arm of her husband Bill as they attended the so-named TV Academy Awards.

Plenty of photos exist with Camille showing support for Bill, such as when Cosby showed up flanked by Camille on May 22, 1966, when Bill took home an Emmy win for Bill’s I Spy TV Show.

The Cosby Family has also stood together in times of tragedy. Bill was led by the hand by Camille from their New York house on the evening of Thursday, January 16, 1997, as they grieved the sudden death of their son, Ennis William Cosby. The 27-year-old Ennis was shot and killed in what authorities believed was an attempt to rob Cosby as he was switching out his flat tire in California, in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Years after that tragedy, Bill found Camille at his side once more, along with the Cosby daughters, as the group sat inside the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Bill was there to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor — so on Monday, October 26, 2009, Camille and the girls were there to support Bill.

Camille’s answers on January 6 will be the first time Cosby speaks under a legal deposition against Bill since all the rape claims came out in such a public manner. Bill’s deposition is set for February 22, so the answers provided by Bill and Camille should prove of high value to the public and the women who’ve accused Bill of sexual assault.

Bill and Camille laughed together when they spoke about their collection of African-American art, but when Bill was asked by an Associated Press reporter about the rape accusations swirling around Cosby, Bill asked the reporter to “scuttle” the footage of Bill uncomfortably avoiding answering the question.

Camille and Bill can no longer remain quiet. Cosby’s statement of support for her husband issued Monday, December 15, 2014, involved Camille questioning the integrity of the many women who say Bill raped some of them as early as the 1970s. Now, instead of Camille blaming the press for not looking into the accusers of Bill thoroughly enough, Camille will have to focus on the actions of her husband.

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