WWE News: Big Update On The Rock’s ‘WWE Raw’ Availability Leading To WrestleMania

The Rock made a splash when he announced his involvement in WrestleMania 32. WWE fans, despite the fact that he will overshadow a young WWE superstar, were very excited when the announcement was made official on Instagram. This was the Rock’s message to the millions, and millions, of his fans around the world.

“IT’S OFFICIAL: People’s Champ is coming home to do 3 things with THE PEOPLE: Set an ALL-TIME attendance record, ELECTRIFY Dallas like never before & make all time #WRESTLEMANIA history. And we have FUN. Ok that’s four things but you know what the h*** The Rock’s sayin’… THANK YOU #WWEUniverse! It’s always an honor coming home and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. #PeoplesChamp4L #MakingElectrifyingHistory #SmackethLaidDownOnThyCandyA***”

It’s good to know that Dwayne Johnson is excited to come back to the WWE where he belongs. On top of his explosive Instagram post, he is also teasing a surprise for WrestleMania 32. There won’t be any clues prior to the event. What could the Rock be referring to? If it’s a full-time comeback to pro wrestling, then the WWE fans who believe that need to understand that he’s a movie star first, wrestler second.

That’s why the former-WWE champion doesn’t appear on each episode of WWE Raw when he does make his return. He’s a part-time guy, and like Brock Lesnar, his appearances are special. If Lesnar were to wrestle each week on WWE Raw, then the “special” feeling fans get when he comes out will dissipate. As for WWE’s flagship show up to WrestleMania, there are numerous updates about his inclusion before WrestleMania itself.

According to WrestleZone.com and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Rock may not make many appearances on WWE Raw before WrestleMania 32.

“As far as The Rock appearing at WWE WrestleMania 32, his availability for RAW and other promotional appearances still might be limited due his shooting schedule for Baywatch.

“Last week, it was reported that holding up production on the film, even for a day, would be extremely difficult, but not impossible. WWE was holding out hope Rock would still appear in some way, which is clear that he will now, but it’s still unclear what role he will play. Rock didn’t say he will wrestle on the show, and it was last reported he might do a promo instead of a rumored match with Triple H or Seth Rollins.”

That last part reported by both parties interests this writer. Would a promo pushing Seth Rollins into an even-bigger limelight be worth it? Rollins is on the shelf and won’t be ready for WrestleMania. Unless, he adopts the healing powers of John Cena that is. Rollins left the WWE on a sour note with his injury, but his social media always shows him rehabbing his knee.

The man is working harder than ever before to come back healthy, so perhaps a promo from the Rock will aide the former champ if he’s close to returning. What would get a really big pop is if Rock cuts a promo on Rollins, he runs out like the Ultimate Warrior would and hit the Curb Stomp on Johnson. That would be one way to utilize Rocky.

WWE officials need to be careful with how they use the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment. Like it was mentioned above, he’s going to take a segment away from younger WWE superstars. So, to completely avoid that from happening, make it so that the Rock puts over a wrestler that needs it. Kevin Owens doesn’t have any plans for WrestleMania 32 yet.

[Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images]