RFK Jr. Cut Off Late Wife Despite Court Order To Give Support

In the last weeks leading up to her death Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged and late wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had to ask friends and parents of her kids’ classmates for money so she could buy basic items including gas and grocery’s.

A source close to the sad situation told the New York Post:

“Mary was left to sometimes ask for $20 from the parents of her kids’ classmates to buy gas and groceries.”

Information about RFK Jr’s refusal to pay his court ordered amounts were revealed in a petition filed last week in Surrogate’s Court in Westchester County by Mary’s former divorce attorney. According to her lawyer RFK Jr. failed to pay them $278,000 in promised legal fees.

Mary’s lawyers say RFK Jr. used a “scorched-earth litigation approach” to cut her off from a $20,000-a-month, court-approved credit card, which led to the refusal to pay for their sons medical bills during an unexpected doctor’s office visit.

On May 16 Mary hung herself in a building on her Bedford estate and during her funeral her husband said she was fighting “demons.”

According to a petition filed by Mary’s lawyers:

“Unfortunately, the last months of Ms. Richardson Kennedy’s life were full of daily financial challenges, directly attributable to Mr. Kennedy’s litigation tactics executed through his family office.”

Mary Kennedy was already suffering with depression and alcoholism. Her lawyers say her ex-husband tactics ultimately led to her suicide.

Mary’s lawyers say cutting her off was a direct attempt by RFK Jr. to employ “scare tactics” and “panic” by cutting her off from basic living expenses.