5SOS Star Michael Clifford Vows To Be Happy After Depression Issues

5 Seconds of Summer star Michael Clifford has had a tough year. Clifford and his 5SOS bandmates Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings have spent a large part of the year on tour and promoting their sophomore album, Sounds Good, Feels Good. As a result, Michael has suffered from depression and has been open about his need to see a therapist during 5 Seconds of Summer’s tour. It is easy to forget that Clifford is just 20-years-old because 5 Seconds of Summer seems to have been around for years. It is also easy to ignore the pressure placed on Michael and his bandmates by their relentless schedule.

Clifford recently spoke to Rolling Stone about his mental health issues and admitted that the past year had seen him have problems with “self-esteem, loneliness, and a bit of depression.” Michael also admitted that he could easily have walked out in the middle of a tour during which 5 Seconds of Summer were widely praised for the quality of their performances. In the middle of the band’s album promotion tour Clifford said that he was “as sad as h—.”

“I said, ‘I’m going home, I’m done … I’m going into hiding for, like, a month or two. I’ve been sad as h— lately.”

Michael’s mental health and self esteem will not have benefited from 5 Seconds of Summer’s appearance on James Corden’s TV show. Clifford’s fans will remember that 5SOS took part in a sketch where Corden mocked up being the long-lost fifth member of the Aussie hit-makers. The sketch was well-received but allegations have emerged that all was not as it seemed.

According to the Mirror, Corden was mean and abusive to Clifford during filming of the sketch and it may be that careful editing ensured that all of the nasty comments were removed.

Apparently, Corden got angry when members of the band stepped on his lines and took out his frustration by lashing out at Michael. It is alleged that Corden verbally abused Clifford calling him a “d***head” and a “S**t musician.”

“His jokes at the band’s expense seemed to get harsher, and he singled out Clifford: ‘I can find a d***head with red hair seven days a week! You think you’re the first guy to dye your hair and be in a band? You’re like a cliché of every s**t musician.”

According to the Huffington Post Clifford was left upset and “shaken” by Corden’s behavior and said that appearing on the show was “the hardest promo [he has] ever done.”

Clifford’s bandmate Ashton Irwin, who has had his own problems with depression, revealed that Michael is a “home-bird” who likes nothing better than to stay home with his computer.

“Michael loves home. He loves being at home with his computer. That’s where we picked him up from and that’s where we have to drop him back.

“You know what I mean? Michael, if you’ll just leave your computer for a couple of years, and we’ll drop you back there eventually. We just need you now for this band.”

It is clear that Clifford has a huge amount of support from his bandmates and it seems that support has allowed Michael to have a more positive outlook on life for the coming year. Clifford took to his Twitter account last night to tell his 5.8 million followers that he was looking forward to 2016 and that he was “going to try to be happier” with himself.

Michael rang in the New Year far from his beloved home as 5 Seconds of Summer appeared on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve! to deliver a critically-praised performance.

Michael Clifford’s fans will likely be hoping that Michael has an enjoyable and rewarding new year, and that he can stay stress free through what is looking to be another busy year for 5 Seconds of Summer.

[Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP]