Kaley Cuoco Doing Great: Dating, Adopting A Rescue Dog, Preparing For ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Kaley Cuoco is apparently totally ready to move on from ex-husband Ryan Sweeting. Entertainment Tonight reports that Cuoco is now dating Arrow star Paul Blackthorne. Apart from the fact that they are both talented actors, they also share an agent and a serious passion for animal conservation.

Kaley Cuoco has been supportive of Blackthorne’s charity to help save wild rhinos.

Blackthorne then posted Cuoco’s post on his Instagram, offering those buying a t-shirt a chance to win one signed by Cuoco. It’s true that Kaley Cuoco loves animals, especially her horses. Entertainment Tonight reports, back in September 2015, Cuoco told Shape that horseback riding is how she centers herself.

“I ride horses five days a week whenever I can. I have six horses, and they have been the biggest blessing in my life. Horseback riding is why I’m so centered, especially in this business. I wouldn’t have my career without it.”

Kaley Cuoco also hosted the “All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration” last month and the Ventura County Star reports that she adopted a rescue dog from Ventura County. The terrier, named Chester, had been in a foster home for nine months after he was hit by a car. The car accident left Chester paralyzed, but he did learn to walk again.

Cuoco credits her mom for helping her find Chester.

“My mom followed Paw Works on Facebook for a long time and sent me the picture of Chester and said, ‘Oh, my God, this place is amazing.’ I went in the next day and picked him up and got very obsessed with the organization and what they do.”

Not only did Cuoco adopt Chester, but she also paid for the medical care for another dog and she donated $10,000 to the Paw Works organization. She said the donation was nothing.

“Oh, come on, it’s nothing. When I saw his face, it had to be. There was not even a question.”

She even has a friend fostering the dog who needed the medical care and thinks he might have found his forever home.

“She won’t be able to give him up. No, the three-legged pit wonder, I don’t think anyone could give that dog up.”

Chad Atkins, co-founder of Paw Works, said the organization has saved between 700 and 800 large dogs during each of the past two years and he wants to see the state of California become a no-kill state.

“My ultimate goal is to make all of California no-kill. Be the first state where we don’t aimlessly kill shelter animals because we’re overcrowded and we don’t know what to do with them.”

What is Kaley Cuoco doing when she isn’t on the set of the Big Bang Theory, out and about with her new man, or rescuing animals? According to Movie Pilot, Cuoco was rocking a black sports bra and cut-off shorts as she prepared to wow the crowd in Lip Sync Battle Season 2, which airs later this month. In the promo preview, she has a very simple message for everyone.

“Go home now because it’s OVER!”

Kaley Cuoco seems pretty sure of herself. Then again, if she doesn’t win, she always has her day job to fall back on, starring on the Big Bang Theory, which is only the most popular television sitcom this season. No doubt, whatever Kaley Cuoco sets her mind to do, she will accomplish it with flying colors. Then, she can go home to her dogs and her wonderful horses.

[Photos by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]