Madonna’s Son Rocco Ritchie Custody Scandal — Tired Of Touring With His Mom Or Spoiled Brat?

It’s no secret that Guy Ritchie and Madonna did not see eye-to-eye on a lot of things during their eight years of marriage, including how to raise their son, Rocco Ritchie. Now that Rocco is 15-years0old, it would appear as though the young man is ready to make choices of his own. However, will his unstable relationship with his mother prove too difficult to overcome? Or, is Rocco simply a spoiled brat acting out against his parents?

According to TMZ, Rocco’s recent decision to remain in London with Ritchie had little to do with the director’s persuasion and a lot to do with how his mother was raising him. Apparently, Rocco was tired of constantly being dragged around the world by his mother, and was looking for something more stable.

“There were horrible, full-blown fights with screaming and crying,” a source close to the situation explained.

The relationship between Rocco and Madonna continued to go downhill from there. In fact, during their current tour, Rocco reportedly made an attempt to run away while Madonna was doing a show in Stockholm. Then, during their stay in London this month, Rocco confided in his father that he had enough of his mother and wanted to live with him.

Rocco Ritchie and Guy Ritchie dressed up for Halloween in 2014. [Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]
However, the situation between Madonna and Rocco Ritchie may not be what it seems. In fact, TMZ is also reporting that Guy Ritchie may have tried to manipulate his son and convinced him to leave his mother. These reports stem from the troubled history between Madonna and Guy, which culminated with their divorce in 2008.

As far as Madonna is concerned, the singer is optimistic that Rocco will return to her at some point in time. Apparently, Madonna believes that Rocco is just acting out like any other normal teenager would at his age and will eventually come to his senses.

Speaking of Rocco, the 15-year-old was recently spotted making his way through the streets of Barcelona, Spain. According to photos released by the Daily Mail, Rocco chose to go with an early ’90s look in his outing with his brother David Banda.

In the images, Rocco is seen wearing a typical grunge look complete with faded jeans, an old teal jacket over the top of a striped sweater, and long, unkept hair. Although he may looked as though he stepped back in time to get his clothes, the son of Madonna was nothing but smiles as he made his way through the barrage of cameras and into a waiting car.

Rocco was in Spain with Madonna, who is in the country performing for the Rebel Heart tour. Along with her performance, the singer also hosted a Thanksgiving party for her son and a large group of unnamed people in the famed Spanish city.

In contrast to her son, Madonna’s style was fairly ordinary. The award–winning singer wore a red hat with a dark coat that resembled a tuxedo jacket. Like her son, Madonna smiled for the cameras and did not appear to be in bad spirits.

Rocco was reportedly tired of being on the road with his mother for her 'Rebel Heart' tour. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
Meanwhile, it isn’t clear what will end up happening in the custody battle between Guy Ritchie and Madonna. With the singer currently busy with her grand world tour, it is unknown if Rocco will be rejoining her at some point in the near future or if he will remain in London until the matter is settled.

In the meantime, Rocco has been summoned to appear at a court session in New York City. With that in mind, it would appear as though Rocco’s testimony will be a deciding factor in what the judge ultimately decides to do with the case.

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[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]