February 7, 2017
'Grey's Anatomy: Is Kate Walsh Coming Back To The Series?

Grey's Anatomy is returning to ABC next month, and there has been some recent speculation that Kate Walsh is returning to the series with her character. She appeared on the series for several seasons, and she also took the character of Addison Montgomery to her own series, ABC's Private Practice. [Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 11. Proceed with caution.]

Addison still has connections to the Grey's. Amelia, who is played by Caterina Scorsone, starred with Walsh on Private Practice. Shonda Rhimes decided to bring Amelia back to Grey's Anatomy. The character originated on the series as the sister of Derek Shepherd, but she was given a whole life on Private Practice.

Now, Amelia is the head of neuro at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Amelia and Addison were still close when Private Practice ended; a visit for Addison to Seattle would not be odd or out of the question.

What started the speculation about Kate Walsh's return? A report released by Christian Post stirred up some excitement. The report claimed that Walsh was returning to the series this season.One excited fan decided to approach the actress via Twitter to ask about the report. The fan wanted to know if Grey's Anatomy fans would see the return of Addison Montgomery.

Is Addison returning to Grey's Anatomy? The answer to that question is "no." Kate Walsh was quick to dash the rumor with a one word reply. She said the report was a "hoax."

Fans of Grey's Anatomy will not see Addison Montgomery return to the series that created her character. She did not even return to the series for the death of her ex-husband. Derek Shepherd, who was played by Patrick Dempsey, died during Grey's Anatomy Season 11.

It was a move that shocked fans, but the series has managed to handle his exit well. Derek's presence is still felt on the series as his friends and family deal with his death.

Patrick Dempsey spoke recently about moving on from his time on Grey's Anatomy. The actor will next appear in a movie set for release later this year. He is the love interest in Bridget Jones' Baby. When he was asked by Entertainment Weekly about moving on from the series, he was candid.

"Oh, it's completely reinvigorated me. I've enjoyed it immensely. I think the pace of it is really good. Getting back to something that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And it's very collaborative and it's organic in how it comes together, how it changes and evolves. It's just a completely different approach. With the show, you're just grinding it out to get through it. In this instance, you take the time to walk through things. I really love it."
Grey's Anatomy is set to return next month with the second half of Season 12. Denzel Washington directed the mid-season premiere; Ellen Pompeo praised the episode, and she considers it some of her best work on the series, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

As for the Kate Walsh rumors, fans would love to see Addison back on Grey's Anatomy. There are other characters they would love to see return, as well. This is not the first time rumors of a former character returning to the series have popped up.

Over the summer, there was heavy speculation that Sandra Oh would return to the series as Cristina Yang. She departed the series at the end of Season 10. The actress did visit with one of her co-stars, Kevin McKidd, and the photo they shared on Twitter got fans talking. Sandra Oh has yet to return.

There were also rumors of a return for Katherine Heigl, but Shonda Rhimes dashed those rumors herself in interviews.

Would you have wanted to see Kate Walsh walking the halls of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital once again?

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