Did Selena Gomez Spend New Year’s Eve With Niall Horan?

Did rumored new couple Selena Gomez and Niall Horan spend New Year’s Eve together?

Rumors began swirling on December 30 that Selena’s apparent new romance with the handsome One Direction boy bander was seriously heating up after a number of fans took to Twitter alleging Niall was heading to Costa Rica to ring in the New Year with his lady love.

That same day, Hard Rock Cafe Guana confirmed on the 140 character site that Gomez was gearing up to spend the New Year in the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste.

“Hey @selenagomez Welcome to Guanacaste,” the world famous restaurant chain tweeted out, adding “let’s rock together.”

Hollywood Life also spotted Gomez having some fun in the sun on a local beach on one of the last days on 2015 and is reporting that she was seen spending some quality time in the tropical locale with friends Samuel Krost and Joel and Esther Houston, who are all members of Selena’s Hillsong church.

Though Horan hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors that he jetted to Central America to ring in 2016 with Selena, he did reveal in a cryptic tweet posted on December 30 that he was “currently really enjoying doing nothing” and added that he was “just chilling out for a while is good.”

Though Niall has been keeping very quiet about his whereabouts, on December 31 he did take to social media on January 1 to wish a happy new year to his more than 24 million followers.

“Happy new year everyone!!” Selena’s alleged new beau tweeted out. “Hope you all had a great night last night. Love you all [sic].”

Selena was also tight-lipped when it came to revealing the exact details on how she celebrated the end of 2015 and who she gave her New Years kiss to, she did appear to be in a party mood when revealing her Spotify New Year’s Eve playlist on Twitter.

Although her compilation of hits for the streaming site featured a number of her own tracks, including her duet with her rumored ex-boyfriend Zedd, “I Want You To Know,” Niall’s band One Direction were noticeably shut out from Selena’s New Year collection.

Whisperings of Gomez and Horan ringing in 2016 together as a couple come just days after the Irish Mirror reported that Niall gifted Selena with an old white T-shirt for Christmas that was scented with Selena’s favorite cologne.

“Before Selena and Niall went their separate ways for Christmas, he wrapped up one of his favorite white t-shirts and gave it to Selena to sleep in,” a Selena Gomez insider reportedly told the site of the rumored couple’s first Christmas together. “[Selena] always told him how much she loves the way he smells, so he doused the shirt with his cologne. Niall told her to wear his shirt whenever she misses him. It’s a super sweet gift.”

However, it sounds like Gomez’s famous ex isn’t too thrilled by the apparent Gomez/Horan hook-up.

The source continued that Selena’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, who Gomez dated on and off for four years, is “furious” with Niall for pursuing his former love.

“Justin is still furious with Niall for going behind his back and stealing Selena from him. That’s how he sees it,” the source reportedly told the site following the new romance rumors. “At first he didn’t want to contact Niall in case it was just like a short-lived fling, which still is not cool with Justin. But now that Niall and Selena seem to have a serious relationship, Justin wants to see his so-called friend in person and confront him.”

Justin probably won’t be too happy if Selena Gomez and Niall Horan did, in fact, reunite in Costa Rica for New Year’s Eve.