Louis Tomlinson Sick? Press Attacks Taking Toll On One Direction Star?

Alan Ewart

In recent weeks, Louis Tomlinson has been under constant attack by some sections of the media, and it is beginning to look like it is all getting too much for Tomlinson. This year has been a really difficult one for Louis. Tomlinson was close to Zayn Malik, who walked out on One Direction back in March, and it is thought that Louis felt betrayed by Malik's walk out. That blow came shortly after Tomlinson's supposed relationship with Eleanor Calder ended. If that wasn't enough, Louis' problems were just beginning.

In July U.K. tabloid the Sun broke the news that Louis was to become a father early in 2016. Louis is believed to have had a brief relationship with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth, and the pregnancy was the result. Despite constant press speculation about Tomlinson's impending fatherhood Louis has remained tight-lipped about Briana and baby Tomlinson. The only comment Louis has made about the issue was during an interview on Good Morning America in early August when Tomlinson said he was "excited" about becoming a father.

Since then, Louis has refused to talk about baby Tomlinson and, as reported in The Inquisitr, it has been claimed that he has banned reporters and interviewers from asking about the baby.

In late summer, it was suggested that Louis was being "blackmailed" by his natural father, Troy Austin. It was claimed that Austin was about to release information that would "blow apart" Louis' family if Tomlinson did not repair their relationship. Louis hasn't spoken to Austin for over three years.

In recent weeks the focus has shifted to portraying Tomlinson first as a "deadbeat" dad, as the Mirror claimed that Louis had dumped his pregnant girlfriend just weeks before she was due to give birth. As Christmas approached, the focus shifted to Louis as a hard-partying womanizer, as the Daily Mail and others paired Louis with actress Danielle Campbell.

As the new year approached, we were fed a constant diet of pictures of Louis partying, and it was claimed [falsely] that Tomlinson had been kicked out of a London comedy club.

One can only imagine the toll that all of this has taken on Tomlinson's mental health, but what is certain is that Louis is suffering physically. The pictures below were taken just weeks apart. It can clearly be seen that Tomlinson has lost a huge amount of weight. He looks dangerously thin, his cheeks are hollow, his eyes are sunken, and his skin has an unhealthy pallor.

It seems that Tomlinson desperately needs to begin 2016 in the bosom of his family so that he can rest, recuperate, and get himself back to health.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]