‘Real Housewives’ Kyle Richards Calls Kathy Hilton Social Climber, Rick Hilton A Liar

The feud between RHOBH Kyle Richards and half-sister Kathy Hilton is heating up over Hilton’s husband Rick’s mouthing off to the press and Kathy Hilton’s obsessive social climbing. The Hiltons are trying to control Richards and are bullying her into quitting the Real Housewives series. On top of that, the Hiltons excluded two of Kyle Richards’ daughters from cousin Nicky Hilton’s wedding, but they invited the Clinton family, who they have never even met.

According to the Inquisitr, a fight between Rick Hilton and Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, was the start of Kathy Hilton’s petty behavior. Hilton was working with Umansky in his real estate business, but Hilton refused to promote Umansky, so he started his own company. Hilton, who is in the business in name only, is bitter and insists that Umansky is no longer welcome at their social events, so Kyle Richards has decided to skip these events too.

Radar Online is reporting that Kyle Richards is blaming Rick Hilton for rumors that she is leaving RHOBH. Hilton told reporters at LAX that Richards had already given Bravo her notice, which, according to Richards, is crazy and untrue.

“Kyle was absolutely stunned,” an insider told Radar. “There has been so much family drama between Kyle and her sister Kathy Hilton, Rick’s wife, ever since Nicky’s wedding last summer. Kathy was furious that Kyle was blabbing about the wedding drama on camera.”

Richards told Bravo that she no longer wanted to talk about Nicky Hilton’s wedding on the show but never said she would quit.

“Kyle told Kathy she had asked Bravo to cut any further mention of the wedding from RHOBH, but there was never any talk about quitting the show.”

So it makes no sense that Rick Hilton would start babbling to the press about Richards.

“Kyle thinks Rick is trying to publicly pressure her into leaving RHOBH,” the source claimed. “That if she refuses to do so, it will make her look bad.”

Radar Online is also talking about the new level of the conflict between the sisters. It seems that Kyle Richards has finally called Hilton out for being a world-class social climber. It seems that Kathy Hilton invited the Clintons, but excluded Kyle’s daughters and husband,

“The Hiltons don’t even know the Clintons so it is even more hurtful. And then Kathy and Nicky come up with the excuse that the Rothschilds know them well? That’s a ridiculous story that Kyle just couldn’t believe!” the source scoffed. “It was the lowest of insults. It makes Kyle think that Kathy is really becoming a social climber.”

Sources are saying that Richards had always known that Kathy Hilton was a bit of a snob, but she never thought she would turn on her.

“Kyle never thought things would get so bad with Kathy. Kim [Richards] has been a problem for years, but the snub by Kathy at the wedding crossed a line. She doesn’t know how they’ll ever repair the damage!”

Rumor had it that the sisters had mended their issues over Christmas, but friends say it just isn’t true. Until the Hiltons can behave with a bit more class towards Richards’ family, she wants nothing to do with the Hiltons.

Do you think RHOBH star Kyle Richards will forgive Kathy Hilton’s embarrassing behavior or Rick Hilton’s lies?

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]