Joe Rogan Says Ronda Rousey Suffered ‘Serious Head Injury’ To Holly Holm

Joe Rogan just made a pretty bold claim about the state of health for former UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey.

Following Rousey’s ill-fated tussle with Holly Holm at UFC 193, the outspoken MMA commentator and comedian said that Rousey suffered a serious head injury, and she may not be able to come back as the same fighter.

Just so there is no accusation of putting words in his mouth, here is what Joe Rogan said in context while doing an interview with MMA news site Bloody Elbow.

“When Holly Holm head kicked Ronda and knocked her out, we witnessed a traumatic brain injury, make no mistake about it.

“I had this conversation with Dana (White), and he was like, ‘Oh, Ronda’s fine,’ and I’m like, ‘Listen man, you can’t say that.’ She’s not fine. You don’t get head kick knocked out and be fine. That’s not fine. There’s damage for sure. The question is, how much damage? We just don’t know.”

Rogan also wasn’t a big fan of making a second fight between Rousey and Holm, especially so close to the “traumatic brain injury.”

“What’s it gonna be like in the second fight?” he asked. “What if Holm hits her with a shot and her legs buckle? Then we realise, ‘Oh s**t, her chin’s not there anymore.'”

While Joe Rogan certainly has a point regarding the fact that it’s probably too soon to put Rousey back in the cage with Holm, he isn’t an all-knowing truth sayer either.

Hardcore MMA fans will be reminded of Dana White’s booking of the Holm-Rousey match to begin with and how he initially reacted.

In comments previously reported by the Inquisitr, Joe Rogan questioned the talent of Holm.

“I don’t agree with that fight,” he explained. “I don’t think that’s smart. I would have gone with Amanda Nunes before Holly Holm. Amanda Nunes looked like a bada** when she knocked out Sara McMann. That’s a more dangerous fighter. A more marketable fighter. [Holm] is only the best boxer in the world if Ann Wolf decides not to box.”

He didn’t stop there, though, indicating that Holm would need her boxing skills to keep Ronda away from her. “I’m serious,” he concluded, “I just think, honestly, the real problem is that there’s a lack of talent.”

When UFC 193 came and went in the first half of November, Holm proved Joe Rogan and all other naysayers wrong by not only knocking out Rousey, but also dominating her for six whole minutes.

Once the two women were in the cage together and the bell rang to signal the first round, Rousey looked completely outmatched.

Concerning Joe Rogan, his future with the company may be in question. He has already gone on record as saying that he could leave when his contract expires in August 2016.

His recent behaviors have had a sort of “buck the system” mentality, as he even went so far as to call Conor McGregor’s interim title a “made-up belt.”

UFC isn’t typically fond of talents — in the cage or out — that go against the grain, so it’s entirely possible that Joe Rogan leaving the broadcast team would be a welcome call.

For Rogan’s part, he said in comments reported by MMA Mania that he’s considering doing it voluntarily because he likes “doing s**t that scares me.”

“I like taking chances and I like walking away from things,” he explained. “I’m not a big fan of doing the same s**t over and over again. I love it [UFC], it’s not that I don’t love it. I just like doing a lot of other s**t, too.”

Would you like to see Joe Rogan step away from the commentator’s desk, and do you think he’s right to question a second Rousey-Holm fight this close to the first?

[Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images]