Level Up Pets Quickly With The Pet Battle Bonus In ‘World Of Warcraft’

Each week World of Warcraft players can benefit from the current Bonus Event going on in the game. Sometimes players are directed to complete past dungeons with a Timewalking event, and occasionally they can earn more honor in the game’s PvP Battlegrounds. This week, World of Warcraft players can level up their battle pets quickly with the 200 percent bonus to pet battle experience. That boost even applies to the portion of experience a character earns for battling the pets, too.

Pet battles in World of Warcraft let players battle, collect, and train the cute critters found all over Azeroth. These companions were once completely passive, but now each pet has its own skills and abilities ready to use as they level up. With different pet families, pet attacks, and pet qualities, players can collect hundreds of pets. Each pet can level to the maximum level of 25 and do battle with NPC trainers around the game or with other players.

During the Pet Battle Bonus Event, players will find it much easier to level their pets through wild battles, against trainers, or at their garrison menagerie. With the Sign of the Critter buff active, World of Warcraft players can quickly work their way to multiple level 25 pets while the bonus is active. Players willing to pit their team of battle pets against other players can earn an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone from the Bonus Event, too.

The quest entitled “The Very Best” can be picked up from a player’s garrison during the pet battle Bonus Event. It tasks the player with winning five player-versus-player pet battles. Players can queue for a battle against another player by navigating to their pet collection tab. The “Find Battle” button will queue the player for a fight with a random player looking to battle. Players are unable to view the name of their opponents or even talk to them during the battle.

The rewarded Ultimate Battle-Training Stone lets a World of Warcraft player level one pet instantly to level 25. Simply summon the pet that the stone is intended for, target the pet, and right-click the stone from the inventory to use it. The quest can only be completed once during the Bonus Event, and unlike other Bonus Event quests, it does not currently reward Valor.

Pet lovers and achievement hunters will surely benefit the most from the pet battle Bonus Event. Collecting and leveling an enormous roster of unique pets is made easier during the event for both newcomers and pet battling veterans. Not to mention, pet battling can reward a World of Warcraft player with plenty of achievements including rewards like new pets, titles, and more. For instance, players willing to go all over Azeroth ready to battle can earn the “Tamer” and “Zookeeper” titles.

Although the weekly pet battle bonus will end on January 4, the current Winter Veil festivities will end on January 2. There are a few days left for players to complete holiday daily quests, defeat the Abominable Greench, and pick up their free gifts from under the tree. As the Inquisitr reported, a number of battle pets, toys, and even the Minion of Grumpus mount are all potential rewards for celebrating the annual Feast of Winter Veil. There are even a number of achievements ready to be earned during the event including ones part of the meta achievement “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.”

Of course, December 31 also means the citizens of Azeroth are ringing in the New Year. Players can log in this evening for a fireworks display every hour until the calendar rolls. Players on a PvP realm should note that the guards in Booty Bay might be a little too tanked to protect citizens during the merriment according to Battle.net. Proceed with caution and enjoy the show.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]