Snoop Dogg Invests In Marijuana Industry But Ignores New California Weed Laws

Snoop Dogg and the legal marijuana industry were a partnership written in the stars long ago, but it does not mean that Snoop Dogg is still standing behind marijuana legalization projects he supported in the past, according to some.

Currently, Snoop Dogg is juggling between being a celebrity, creating new music, raising a family, volunteering with his 10,000-strong youth sports project, supporting his own brands within the legal marijuana industry, and now he is hosting a football television program.

According to Adweek, the new 8-part series will be called Turf’d Up, and Snoop Dogg is partnered with Adidas (and not the marijuana industry) to help them represent “how Adidas Football is the only brand that fuses sports and culture.”

The first episode of Turf’d Up will post to Snoop Dogg’s WestFest YouTube channel after it airs on December 30.

However, also on Snoop Dogg’s YouTube channel are lots of references to his business ventures in the marijuana industry. On Twitter around Christmas, Snoop Dogg tweeted about marijuana industry products available on a website in conjunction to his music work and marijuana industry involvement.

Although Billboard points out that Snoop Dogg recently showed hometown pride with his song “I’m From Long Beach,” it appears that Snoop Dogg is not supporting a nearby marijuana industry project any longer.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Snoop Dogg has traditionally supported the marijuana legalization laws in his home state of California as it pertains to Proposition 19.

Snoop Dogg is the host of a new football show.

Despite this, they noted on December 10 that Snoop Dogg made a public service announcement about Prop. 19 in 2010, but now is no longer saying that he is in support of a new upcoming marijuana bill in California.

Could it be that Snoop Dogg is concerned with a conflict of interest between his own marijuana industry products and some of the language of the newly proposed marijuana legalization laws?

The L.A. Times notes on October 10 that the new California marijuana law doesn’t “clear all the hurdles for marijuana dispensaries” and states the following.

“California’s new medical marijuana regulations will likely reduce federal crackdowns in the state, but dispensaries will continue to have difficulty obtaining banking services and deducting business expenses…”

In other words, if Snoop Dogg is not behind the new marijuana law in California, he might have a good reason because it concerns his business dealings.

Moreover, image, branding, and the fine print in new laws concerning the marijuana industry might be something important to Snoop Dogg right now because, as the Seattle Times points out, the emerging legal recreational marijuana industry means that business and brands have a chance to build their public image and advertising.

Snoop Dogg will be in Las Vegas performing for NYE 2016

Adding to this, NWI Times says that the emerging celebrities in the marijuana industry branding game are Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. While Snoop Dogg already has products on the market, Eric Greenbaum, of Vireo Health, was quoted as saying that the next step will be when the government starts awarding marijuana industry-related patents.

For now, Time reports on November 11 that Snoop Dogg has already started selling his new marijuana industry products in Colorado and calls the company Leafs by Snoop. In addition, Snoop Dogg is launching a media platform that will include the marijuana industry called Merry Jane.

So far, it appears that the states that have a recreational marijuana industry are excited that Snoop Dogg is a part of their public image. Oregon Live reports that Snoop Dogg was given three duffel bags of weed from the legal marijuana industry in that state for Christmas.

Regardless, in order to comply with Oregon marijuana laws of carrying one ounce at a time, Snoop Dogg shared his marijuana industry gift with over 30 people attending the Christmas party.

Currently, according to Fox5, Snoop Dogg is in Las Vegas celebrating the New Year by performing at the Tao nightclub.

[Picture by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]