Samuel L. Jackson Is Being Praised And Prodded By Conservative Media

Samuel L. Jackson is a self-professed “lifelong” Democrat, so it shouldn’t come as any real surprise that conservative media is taking aim at the Hateful Eight star. However, what is surprising is that on previous occasions, right-leaning websites have actually heralded his comments.

To understand the dichotomy, it is important to start with the present and what Samuel L. Jackson said to infuriate websites like Breitbart.

Regarding the San Bernardino shooting, Jackson admitted that he wished the shooter had been “some crazy white dude.” In his opinion, the fact that it wasn’t has given people a “legitimate reason” to look at their Muslim neighbors differently.

Snopes has the full breakdown of the Samuel L. Jackson comment in context here.

But aside from that, Breitbart was also furious about what he said regarding the so-called “blue wall of silence” that many critics of the law enforcement community believe covers up bad police behavior and prompts some police to be more quick to violence against minorities.

What Breitbart took serious issue with was how Samuel L. Jackson characterized the supposed “blue wall,” stating that “guys went to Vietnam, and they came home, and people hated them, they were baby killers or whatever, and a lot of them became cops because that was the job, that was, oh, you have ex-military service? You can become one of the boys in blue.”

Jackson continued, “And because they were so vilified by everybody outside, they formed this blue wall, that’s now still a part of what that is, but now it’s kids coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, and whatever, and now they’ve identified PTSD, but that’s not one of the tests they give for people who put on uniforms. So, consequently, you’ve got people out there who are used to looking at people as the enemy, because that’s what it was people were trying to kill them every day. … And young black men are threatening, you know, and it just happens. So, all these things snowball and snowball.”

Breitbart’s editorial and more than 8,400 pro-police commenters have since ripped Jackson’s unsubstantiated outlook to shreds, but it wasn’t long ago that they were praising him.

The Blaze commended his “surprising” outlook on the topic of gun control when the Academy Award-winning actor said that he didn’t think gun control was really the answer to problems of mass shooting violence.

“I don’t think it’s about more gun control,” Jackson said while promoting his previous Quentin Tarantino collaboration, Django Unchained.

“I grew up in the South with guns everywhere and we never shot anyone. The [shooting] is about people who aren’t taught the value of life.”

Conservative writer Meredith Jessup admitted that she “couldn’t agree more” with the statement, and many chimed in to give Samuel L. Jackson credit where it was due on the topic of gun violence.

Some also found it strange and interesting that Jackson would hold such beliefs and be a frequent collaborator with Tarantino, whose films are often graphically violent and contain a lot of gun play.

Additionally, Jackson is both a Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporter. Previous comments have indicated that he would prefer a Sanders presidency, but he’s not sold on the self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist’s ability to win in a general election.

For that reason, Jackson has said, he will be voting for Hillary against whomever the Republicans nominate for the general election.

What do you think of the comments of Samuel L. Jackson — first on the “blue wall of silence” and last on gun control? Do you think it’s possible to hold two radically different political opinions and still be an informed voter? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via The Hateful Eight screen grab]