‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Elizabeth Reconnect, Lulu And Johnny Consider A Fling, And Morgan Is In Hot Water

This has been a wild week of episodes and fans are anxious for some new General Hospital spoilers for what lies ahead. As viewers saw earlier this week, Patrick proposed to Robin, Sonny felt some movement in his leg, Morgan was finding trouble, and Jason and Sam spent some time together. Where are things headed from there?

Unfortunately, GH fans will have to wait until Monday, January 4, to get a new episode. An encore episode from earlier in December is airing on Thursday, and the show is pre-empted on New Year’s Day for college bowl games. There are a few General Hospital spoilers available for the coming week, though more will be made available in the days ahead.

Morgan has been playing with fire, messing with his medications and secretly getting involved in Sonny’s business affairs. The last that viewers saw, Morgan was on the docks and Dante saw him. General Hospital spoilers indicate that at some point in the coming week, Morgan will be grabbing Kiki, seemingly still at the docks, pushing her out of sight against a wall and urging her to be quiet. It seems likely that he’ll be aiming to keep her out of sight of those in the midst of the deal.

Franco is ready to get intimate with Nina, but she is still feeling anxious about taking that next step. She is worried about the possibility of facing another disappointment, though Franco certainly doesn’t plan on things heading in that direction. Lulu and Johnny were also on the verge of some frisky action, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lulu will likely pull back from letting things go too far.

Lulu may have started kissing Johnny, and previews show the two of them falling onto the bed together, but the two will also have quite the talk about where things are headed. Johnny has strong feelings for Lulu and wants to take things a step further once again, but Lulu chastises him for thinking she would be game for some revenge sex with him.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Johnny will be trying to convince Lulu to give things a shot between them, but will she go for it? Is there still a chance for Lulu and Dante to repair their relationship? In addition, Soap Central teases that Jason will be looking for somewhere to live now that he has left Elizabeth’s place. He is on his own for now, though he has been reconnecting with Spinelli, Sam, Carly, and Sonny quite a bit.

While it is not known quite yet where Jason will land, General Hospital spoilers share that Liz will call him in something of a panic, telling him he needs to head back to her place quickly. It seems there are police lights swirling outside her place, and ABC teases that the two will uncover something very disturbing. There has been some buzz that Jason may give Liz another shot sooner rather than later, but GH fans will have to stay tuned to see how this plays out.

The coming week brings more with Anna and Mac’s investigation into Paul as well, and Tracy will be more determined than ever to take back ELQ. Maxie makes a discovery of some sort, but so far it is not known what this is or who else is involved. It sounds as if Nina and Franco may be successful in their quest to get closer to one another, and Morgan is said to open up further to Kiki regarding his bipolar diagnosis.

Will Jason end up with Sam or Elizabeth? Will Lulu reconcile with Dante, or does Johnny have a shot? While fans are disappointed that there are no new episodes of General Hospital airing on either Thursday or Friday this week, it does sound as if there are great things slated to go down as new episodes kick back into gear again on January 4.

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