UK Post Office threatens house boycott over terrifying kitten

The UK postal service has threatened to ban deliveries to a house unless the residents restrain their terrifying kitten.

The six month kitten named Illy is alleged to have scratched a postman delivering to the address, an act the Royal Mail claims was an attack, but the owners protest was a case of the kitten simply being playful.

The owners of the kitten told the Daily Mail they couldn’t believe the letter they had received. “Reading this letter you’d think I had a rottweiler at home, it really was ridiculous. “Illy is a kitten, she’s very small and friendly and was just playing….she’s never bitten me, and if she did, really could not do much damage.”

A Royal Mail spokesman told the paper that it always treats animal attacks on postmen seriously, however minor they might appear.

(Image: Daily Mail/ Roland Hoskins)