Raccoon Steals Donut, Gets 354,000 YouTube Views: Doughnut-Stealing Raccoon Becomes New ‘Pizza-Rat’ [Video]

Raccoons are known to be sneaky little creatures with cute raccoon faces that can rival the fluffiest raccoon Webkinz version of a raccoon. But the latest raccoon going viral is one who had the chutzpah to reach down from the ceiling of a bakery and swipe a donut.

The video, titled “Raccoon Steals Donut,” was uploaded to YouTube two days ago, and has already gotten more than 343,000 views. Published to YouTube on December 29, the video’s description contains language that pays homage to the video game named Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.

“Sly Cooper and the Thievious Donutus Jukin Media Verified (Original) “

With the Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus video game hailing from 2002 – originally as a Sony PlayStation 2 game – those who get the joke appreciate the reference beneath the donut-stealing raccoon video.

As reported by CBC News out of Toronto, the thieving raccoon who steals a donut might likely take over popularity from the viral pizza rat in New York. Whereas the New York City pizza rat gained popularity for dragging a slice of pizza down the subway stairs that was larger than the rat’s body, the raccoon who looms from the ceiling tiles to steal a donut is being praised for the raccoon’s ingenuity.

Folks can be heard in the background, wondering if the raccoon will really go for it, and dangle down long enough to steal the donut, or if the raccoon will give up. Instead of giving up, the raccoon goes for it, and doesn’t quit until said raccoon gets the donut.

Peter Jensen is the name of the man who recorded the video of the donut-stealing raccoon and uploaded it to his YouTube account. As such, the video of the raccoon lifting a donut has become his most popular YouTube video.

The raccoon proves his or her dexterity by being able to balance through the hole in the ceiling made from a displaced ceiling tile to grab the donut. Apparently the raccoon favored the orange donut, because that’s the donut the raccoon grabbed to take off to his home beyond the ceiling. Those watching the raccoon’s thieving ways wonder aloud if the raccoon will fall down onto the racks of donuts, or if the raccoon will be able to squirrel away a donut.

“He’s doing it. He is doing it. This is incredible.”

“If he falls out of that hole it’s gonna hurt.”

“Full commitment, full commitment. Go raccoon go!”

The raccoon doesn’t fall onto the racks of donuts. Instead, the stealthy raccoon was able to grab his donut and disappear — although there’s no word on whether or not the raccoon was later apprehended by a raccoon-trapping exterminator.

The raccoon that swiped the doughnut like a ninja, as reported by RT‎, had plenty of fans cheering that raccoon on towards the raccoon’s donut goals.

“People outside were cheering when he finally got the doughnut.”

That’s according to Jensen, who captured the donut-stealing raccoon on video, as reported by Buzzfeed Canada. Peter wouldn’t disclose the location of the donut shop that had the raccoon, in order to protect the donut shop’s owners.

On Imgur, the GIF titled “Sly Cooper and the Thievious Donutus,” created with Imgur’s Video to GIF by Loopdeloops a mere 12 minutes ago, has begun to go viral, as well. Apparently, the viewers are taking to the donut-stealing raccoon as much or more than they did the pizza-stealing rat.

It’s not the first time a news report about a raccoon has gone viral. As reported by the Inquisitr, a report about a raccoon being used as a breathalyzer participant also went viral, but proved to be fake. With the donut-stealing raccoon captured on camera, that doughnut-thieving raccoon is mighty real.

[Photo by AP Photo/Danny Johnston]