Jill Dillard Shares Mission Update, Requests More Donations From Fans As Couple Continues Spanish Lessons

Jill Dillard shared an end-of-year update with her fans by outlining some of the outreach work the family has done while calling Central America home. The Duggar daughter notes that they spent Christmas day in Guatemala and that the holiday season was a great time to reflect on exactly why they are in Central America and what they hope to accomplish. The Dillards also took time to request donations from fans for a specific cause that they say would be life-changing for their Spanish teacher’s children.

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The Dillard Family Blog was recently updated with not only dozens of photos from the Dillards’ time in Central America, but also with a new update about the family’s Christmas celebration in Guatemala. Jill and Derick say that since they have been back in Central America, they have been focusing solely on Spanish school and sharing the gospel with their Spanish tutors. The Dillards seem to admit that their focus is currently on learning the Spanish language and not on mission projects by saying they are in Guatemala for language school, but that they have used that opportunity to share the gospel. In other words, it appears they went for the Spanish lessons but have found ways to share the gospel with other Americans and their Spanish teachers since arriving.

“We’ve been in Guatemala for language school, but were blessed to be able to connect with some Americans for an unexpectedly festive Thanksgiving Day after 4 hours at the Spanish school in the morning. Jill and I have also hosted our Spanish teachers in our home for more meals and are thankful for the close relationship we have with them and their families. I feel like the most important thing we’ve been able to share with them is how important it is to search the Bible for what God says and to be obedient to Him.”

While the Dillards seemingly admit the focus is on learning language for the time being, it is unclear exactly where the donations received from fans are going. The family has posted various updates showing some time spent at local orphanages passing out crayons and Jill spending an afternoon at a local midwife clinic; however, there has never been a firm plan presented by the couple outlining what their future plans are for their mission work. Instead, the family seems to be focusing on building a life in Central America for themselves while learning the language and sharing the Gospel with people they encounter in day-to-day activities.

Jill Dillard
Evangelical outreach is certainly a priority for the Dillards, but does it constitute a well thought out missionary organization? Though many mission programs work solely in Gospel outreach, most programs have measures in place to go out and reach people that would otherwise not be exposed to the Bible. The Dillards have not outlined a plan to do this in Central America, but rather have continued to take contributions from fans without providing the plan of action.

The donations received from contributors at the moment appear to be going to day-to-day living expenses for the family as they continue to learn the language. Though this may be necessary to properly move forward with their plan to spread the Gospel in Central America, should the family be taking donations for that period of time? Or should they be footing the bill until Dillard Family Ministries is ready for full operation?

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Though much of the Dillard Family Ministries has been cryptic at best, the Dillards have offered fans the ability to contribute to a specific project in one of their recent blog posts. Jill and Derick are requesting that fans donate to the Dillard Family Ministries in honor of their Spanish tutor’s children. The two young boys would like to learn English, and the Dillards want to provide them the means to learn the language that can empower them to a better life. The Dillards say that contributors can denote in the notes section that they would like their money to go to Ignacio and Jose Pablo’s English lessons.

Would you donate to a non-profit organization that did not outline exactly where money would be spent? What do you think of Jill and Derick Dillard’s running of their Dillard Family Ministries? Do they need more transparency?

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