Rob Kardashian Diabetes: Plans For Rehab, Gastric Bypass, Or Lap-Band Surgery?

Rob Kardashian may be running out of options when it comes to losing weight. For the last three years, Rob Kardashian has struggled immensely with getting himself back to size, and a new report claims he’s now considering going under the knife.

“[Rob Kardashian]’s terrified but starting to realize he doesn’t have a choice,” a source told OK! Magazine on December 31. “He’s tried so many diets and workouts, and nothing’s worked.”

As OK! Magazine revealed, Rob Kardashian is considering either gastric bypass surgery or lap-band surgery in an effort to get his health, and his weight, back on track.

Earlier this week, as E! News reported, Rob Kardashian was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. Over the weekend, Rob Kardashian wasn’t feeling well, and after his condition worsened, he was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital, where doctors performed various tests before determining that Rob Kardashian was diabetic.

“[Rob Kardashian]’s home already. He went for a little and is fine now. It was a wake up call,” a source told E! News.

According to the insider, Rob Kardashian’s blood sugar levels were very high, and doctors informed him that he needed to lose weight, which meant making a major change to his lifestyle. In addition to exercise, doctors recommended a dramatic change in Rob Kardashian’s diet, and said that if he doesn’t change his ways, his condition will likely worsen.

“Of course [Rob Kardashian] is scared right now and he should be,” a source told Radar Online on December 30. “His health is the worst it has ever been and, diabetes aside, he has to overcome the mental health issues that seem to be at the center of all of this.”

In 2012, after quitting Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Rob Kardashian began to struggle with depression, and in April of this year, Kris Jenner told a life coach on the show that her son’s weight gain had reached 100 pounds in just one year. Now, after Rob Kardashian’s weight gain has led to serious medical complications, his friends and family are urging him to seek real help.

“Everyone is urging [Rob Kardashian] to go to rehab, whether it be a physical rehabilitation rehab or a drug program. The kid needs help and if he does not get the help he will not be around to see 2017,” the source stated.

Rob Kardashian has been practically in hiding since he quit his family’s E! Network reality series three years ago, and while the family used to mention him from time to time on the series, they haven’t done so as much in the last year. That said, he is very much a part of the family, as he lives with his sister, Khloe.

When Khloe was starring alongside her husband Lamar Odom in Khloe & Lamar, Rob Kardashian played a big part of the show, and his “bromance” with Odom was a fan favorite for the two seasons the show aired. Then, after Khloe’s marriage to Odom came to an end in mid-2013, Rob Kardashian appeared to take a turn for the worse.

Although no additional health issues have been confirmed, a Radar Online report stated that the diabetes was only the start of Rob Kardashian’s medical problems.

“His pancreas is basically not functioning,” a family insider told the site of the reclusive 28-year-old on December 31. “He also has kidney problems. He’s very, very sick.”

[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]