Belgium Arrests Terrorists Linked To ISIS Paris Attacks — Kamikaze Riders Arrested For Brussels New Year’s Eve Terrorist Plot

As Belgium arrests terrorists linked to the ISIS Paris attacks, the city of Brussels is cancelling plans for New Year’s Eve fireworks displays. Multiple members of a biker group named Kamikaze Riders have been arrested in connection to an alleged terrorist attack plot, and it was feared they could try and attack Brussels tonight. Authorities do not have any evidence linking the biker gang and the terror suspects arrested for the Paris attacks, but reports say the two incidents highlight how Belgium has become a hotbed for Islamic terrorism.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, shortly after Belgium’s arrests were announced, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel claimed the New Year’s fireworks celebration needed to be canceled due to a “possible and credible threat.”

“In this uncertain situation, when investigations are under way and information arrives practically every hour,” Michel said. “It seems to me the decision was correct and well-founded and I am in full agreement with it.”

Fireworks go off over the Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium
In the recent past, fireworks have caused alarm when cities were known to be under threat of a terrorist attack. For example, when it was believed that ISIS terrorists could attack Atlanta, Georgia, during a major WWE wrestling event, some people feared a terrorist attack might be actually happening when Macy’s launched their fireworks during a Christmas tree lighting display.

After Belgium arrested members of the Kamikaze Riders, the other bikers denied that they were extremists. Six men were originally detained, but four of the suspects were eventually released since no weapons or explosives were found during the raids. The remaining two men, identified only as Said S. and Mohamed Karay, are denying all charges against them.

Said S. been charged with “playing a lead role in the activities of a terrorist group and recruiting for terrorist acts,” while Karay is facing charges of planning and “participating in the activities of a terrorist group.” According to Euronews, a court in Brussels has ruled that the two Belgian nationals can be held in custody for at least a month while police investigate them.

Muslim Biker Gang Brussels

Belgium Arrests Terrorists Connected To the Paris Attacks

According to the Associated Press, Belgium announced on Thursday that they had arrested a tenth suspect in connection to the France terrorist attack, in which 130 people were killed and many more were injured. Police have identified the suspected ISIS member as 21-year-old Ayoub B., and he has “been charged with terrorist murder and participation in the activities of a terrorist group for his suspected involvement in the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, claimed by the Islamic State group.”

Brussels police say they detained Ayoub B. following a search in the Molenbeek neighborhood, where some of the suspected Islamic State members lived, including suspected ISIS terror cell leader Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Within five days, Ayoub B. will appear before a judge to determine whether he will remain in preventive detention.

Police also raided a nearby residence and seized “about 10 cellphones.” During previous searches, police raids had confiscated computers, electronics, more cell phones, and ISIS propaganda material. The residence also contained military style uniforms and Airsoft guns, a sport similar to paintball which replicates real life weapons by shooting 6 mm BB’s using electronic pistons or high pressure air.

The connection between the Belgium arrests and the Paris attacks is largely being made based upon cell phone activity. Paris prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre said a text message was sent to a phone in Belgium shortly before ISIS gunmen attacked the Bataclan theater in Paris. Authorities believe the Paris attackers were in contact with at least two phone numbers from Belgium, and it is believed the Paris attacks were being monitored from Belgium.

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