WWE News: Big Backstage Concern Over Bayley And Finn Balor Moving From WWE NXT To The Main Roster

WWE NXT stars Finn Balor and Bayley seem like easy blue-chip performers for WWE. Balor is the current NXT Champion, whereas Bayley is the current NXT Women’s Champion. Both won their respective championship earlier this year in big matches that got the world talking. Balor won his championship from Kevin Owens during a big live WWE event in Japan, which helped to break down some barriers there. Bayley won her championship at a huge show in Brooklyn with NXT that helped NXT become a real brand when she defeated Sasha Banks.

The world, if they weren’t already, started to talk about how good women’s wrestling in WWE really was with this match, and then they killed it yet again together at NXT: Respect in a 30-minute Ironwoman match in the main event of the show. These were two things no woman had ever done on WWE programming, and it really lived up to expectations. Around the time Sasha and Bayley fought in Brooklyn, Banks was called up to the main roster with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. The same thing happened when Finn Balor beat Kevin Owens in Japan, as he had been on the main roster a little while before this.

All of them have made some interesting strides on the main roster. Owens beat John Cena in his first main roster match and eventually won the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Banks, Lynch, and Charlotte all had different problems and issues with their role, however. Charlotte won the WWE Diva’s Championship and still holds it. She has started to lean heel, whereas Lynch and Banks have been kind of an afterthought. It is sad that Sasha Banks was put here when she was the one the world was talking about and not Charlotte months ago. However, her window is much wider while Charlotte’s is shorter.

Balor live event

Banks in his in her early 20s while Charlotte is 30-years-old. She may have five good years while Banks has 10 to 15, so there is a much larger window WWE can play with, which could be why Sasha was moved out of the way for Charlotte for the time being. Now, it looks like WWE is throwing Becky Lynch into the fold, which will get her opportunities. Despite the success of some of the NXT stars, there are some who have not done as well such as The Ascension and Adam Rose to name a few.

There is always a risk that Bayley and Finn Balor could fall into this. According to The Wrestling Observer, there is a lot of concern for them. Both have indicated that they love NXT and may not want to go the main roster in numerous interviews. They are really wanting to sell NXT to people more. There is also concern that they won’t land well with the main roster fans as they do in NXT with more of the hardcore fans. There has been a major discussion in NXT that there is some concern for the two of them.

For Finn Balor, he seems to be a can’t-miss prospect but could use more development as a promo guy. Character, wrestling, and charisma are down enough to land, but it could be hit and miss. His age and time in wrestling have also come up too. The feeling is that more NXT tours in 2016, the more he will break down his 34- to 35-year-old body. The time is now to bring him up before the major problems exist for him. His window is quite short compared to others in NXT. The feeling is that WWE will rely on Balor to carry NXT’s biggest matches at live events, and that could cause tremendous toll in his body over time, especially after such a long career already.

HHH Bayley

When it comes to Bayley, there are some who believe she could be the female version of John Cena. The thought is that she could be one of or the biggest female star WWE ever had. The problem is that there are some who believe she could fail easily. There is said to be no in between for her — she will either succeed massively or fail miserably to connect to the main roster fans.

The idea is that Bayley could do a ton of charity work and bring in a lot of female fans since her character seems to land well universally with everyone. The thought is that if she comes up to the main roster soon, she might be thrust into a big role quickly to help make her into something big right off. The same can be said for Finn Balor. The reasons for it are completely different, though. Finn Balor will get put into something big due to his small window as a potential top star while WWE wants to set Bayley apart and make her into the star they know she can be. The ideal time to see both of them get called up would be after WrestleMania 32, but it could be sooner depending on need.

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